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If you ever spent more than 6 months in a row hitting the gym (or doing anything else for that matter), you are well aware of the saturation this constant repetition of activity can create. There comes a day when you just cannot force yourself out of the bed and into that stale aired torture room for a new round of hurt. This is how I see my gym on these days and I have to admit - I get really irritated by my own attitude. So, I needed something to help me through this rough patch, but I just couldn\'t seem to find what I was looking for: I was never considering drugs or steroids as means for reaching any goals and most of the supplements that promise these effects (like fat burners and NO-boosters) left me drained after their effects wear off. I needed something sustainable and chem-free. So, instead of walking into a pharmacy I decided to find answers in a bookstore. Luck would have it that I ran into my friend Laura, who happens to be one of my favorite writers as well. We discussed my problem over a cup of tea and after a short pause she just shot out this simple but incredibly effective solution: