17 Effective Ways To Make Money on Amazon in 2021

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Many know that Amazon is the retail giant that seems to sell everything. However, in addition to an online marketplace, Amazon provides potentially profitable opportunities for the average American to earn additional income. According to Oberlo, more than 2.5 million sellers are actively using its marketplace.

Interestingly enough, when learning about how to make money on Amazon, many sellers may be surprised that some sellers don’t even have their own products. Amazon also offers job opportunities that range from regular jobs to side workers that they can perform in their spare time.

How to Make Money on Amazon: 17 Ways

Here are some of the ways Amazon can be used to earn cash.

1. Direct selling to individuals

Selling products is one of the most popular ways to make money with Fulfillment by Amazon. This is pretty straightforward because the seller earns a profit by selling the product for more than the cost of goods sold plus Amazon fees.

The setup process is simple, and one can turn to a wholesaler like Alibaba to find a product. Once the seller has the product, they must then prepare it for sale and ship it to Amazon. In most cases, Amazon charges a fee to use the shipping center, as well as storage, removal, and returns. However, if the seller can retain a significant portion of the revenue after costs and fees, selling through Fulfillment by Amazon can generate significant profits.

2. Retail arbitration

Arbitrage involves buying a wholesale retailer’s product and selling it on Amazon at a high price. One may purchase these products from a retailer such as Walmart or search on an online site such as eBay for such a product.

Some may describe retail arbitrage as a form of Amazon FBA selling. However, this differs from standard online selling as this involves selling products with one-time availability. Moreover, since anyone can sell in this way, price competition can leave sellers with meager profit margins.

3. Publish a book

For those with writing skills, Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon can help authors publish books. KDP serves as a platform where readers can find and purchase a book electronically. Once an author completes a book, the writer can publish their work in less than five minutes. Kindle will then make the book available in Kindle stores within 24-48 hours.

Authors can set prices, retain control over copyright, and can make changes to their books at any time. These privileges allow the author to use other services to publish physical copies of a book or audiobook. With KDP, royalties are up to 70%.

4. Business sales

When researching how to make money on Amazon, some turn to B2B sales via the Amazon Business website. The service reaches across multiple industries, allowing one to cater to small businesses, large corporations, or the public sector. It allows cost optimization, and provides assistance in cost reduction strategies.

Amazon also offers a service called Business Prime. Like Amazon Prime for consumers, it offers an additional service for an annual fee. Starting at just $69 per year for small businesses, Business Prime offers one-day shipping, discounts, and other services to make your purchase go more smoothly.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Sellers can offer affiliate marketing services through Amazon Associates. It serves those who want to market without owning a product. With Amazon Associates, content providers can monetize site traffic and earn money from commissions and advertising fees.

Bloggers, publishers, and content providers can apply to see if they qualify. Upon acceptance, marketers share products via Amazon’s custom hookups. They may earn up to 10% in commissions from both programs and eligible purchases.

6. Professional selling service

Amazon Home Services serves Amazon customers who need help with new products. Home Services provides a “white glove” service that assists customers with the assembly or installation of specific products and other customer service needs. Home theater services and appliance installation are examples of the services offered.

Amazon Home Services sometimes closes this service for new applicants. However, interested providers can apply on the Amazon Professional Services website when jobs become available.

7. Selling under Amazon’s own brands

Amazon can help those who want to launch their own brand. With Amazon Accelerator, sellers can receive support, help with marketing, the way products can be tested, and receive feedback from customers. In return, entrepreneurs agree to market their products exclusively with Amazon.

Entrepreneurs launched a variety of products on Amazon Accelerator. Manufacturers of electronics, furniture, clothing, snacks and other products benefit from this service.

8. Selling handmade products

One smart way to make money online is to sell craft products through Amazon Handmade. Sellers from over 80 countries use Amazon Handmade to sell handmade goods.

Prospective entrepreneurs are screened in a process to verify the authenticity of the products. Once approved, Amazon allows entrepreneurs to create a store and product listing at no charge. Sellers also receive a custom URL to make it easier for interested buyers to find a specific online store. Amazon charges a 15% referral fee for each sale made, but the remaining revenue goes to the craftsman.

9. Customized goods

Sellers of custom merchandise also have a home on Amazon. Thanks to Merch by Amazon, customers can create, market and sell branded merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, or keychains.

The seller must simply submit the artwork. After choosing the type and color of the product, Amazon takes care of the production, sales, shipping, and Amazon product page. Sellers can also promote their products on blogs, social media, or apps and take ownership of any items you sell.

10. Selling used goods

Under limited circumstances, Amazon will allow people to sell used electronics they no longer use. Sellers can list eligible products and receive payment.

This won’t apply to every product, and sellers will get an Amazon Gift Card instead of cash. However, for those willing to sell under these conditions, it provides an opportunity to trade in unwanted merchandise for new purchases.

11. Crowdsourcing

Amazon allows crowdsourcing through the Mechanical Turk, sometimes known as MTurk. MTurk enables companies to assign tasks to a virtual workforce. This allows companies to deliver tasks on a pay-per-task model.

The pay rate is set by the companies themselves, and the work often includes repetitive tasks such as data entry, data validation, surveys, research, and content editing. However, it can serve as a source of additional funds which workers can perform on their schedule.

12. Write Comments

Those who have built a reputation as a trusted reviewer may want to consider Amazon Vine. Amazon invites reviewers to become Vine Voices based on rating reviewers, rating the quality and usefulness of their reviews.

Furthermore, Vine Voices may express its opinions freely. As long as the review meets Amazon’s posting guidelines, the company will not modify the reviewer’s post. Although Vine Voice does not receive criticism, Amazon provides Vine reviewers with free products from sellers.

13. Becoming an Influencer

Social media can become another potential source of income through Amazon influencers. Although this is an affiliate program, participants should not confuse this with Amazon Associates. It varies because Amazon influencers use eligible social media accounts and their Amazon storefront displays product recommendations. Influencers get a commission on every product they sell.

To qualify, one must have a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account and apply. Amazon acceptance depends on the number of followers and various other engagement metrics.

14. Amazon delivery driver

People may also earn money from Amazon by working directly for the company. One way is to become a delivery driver through Amazon Flex. With Flex, drivers deliver Amazon deliveries on their schedule. They choose time slots on the Amazon Flex app and can adjust business times based on availability.

Those age 21 or older who have a valid driver’s license, a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone, a mid-size or large-size car and live in a city where Flex operates, can become Flex drivers. Flexible drivers earn between $18 and $25 an hour in most cases.

15. Working at Amazon remotely

Amazon will pay you to work from home as a customer service associate. These employees come from 130 locations in more than 40 countries, and support customers while working from home.

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Associates serves customers in 16 languages, assisting customers with services such as tracking packages or returns, assisting delivery drivers, or supporting devices such as the Echo or Fire TV. Assistants interact by phone, chat, mobile chat, email or Alexa so they don’t have to worry about dress codes.

16. Work in Amazon warehouse

In 2020, Amazon sold more than $236 billion in merchandise in North America alone. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Amazon’s fulfillment and distribution centers need help. There, workers help find, package, and ship merchandise to Amazon customers.

While this lacks the flexibility of other sources of income associated with Amazon, the 38% sales growth the company experienced in 2020 should ensure that demand for workers continues to grow. Salaries start at $15 per hour, and job benefits can include health care coverage and parental leave.

17. Seasonal work for those who live in RV

Because sales levels vary, particularly during the holidays, Amazon also needs seasonal workers. To that end, Amazon has created CamperForce, a seasonal business for those who live in RVs and travel the country.

During these assignments, Amazon 401(k) coverage will include 90 days of medical and prescription coverage, overtime pay and achievement bonuses for those who stay through the mission’s end. Amazon even offers a stipend to cover camp expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should one have a product to sell?

not nessacary. Influencers, professional services, and deliveries are some of the opportunities not related to selling through Amazon.

Do these positions serve individuals only?

No. Sellers can also sell to businesses and nonprofits through Amazon Business.

Does a person’s location matter when finding how to make money on Amazon?

In most cases, no. Amazon has warehouses all over the country. Also, Amazon offers jobs like remote customer service and seasonal work for those who live in RVs.

Do these jobs offer benefits?

Most of these sources of income offer benefits only if one becomes at least a part-time or seasonal worker employed directly by the company.

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