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1xBet Partners: An affiliate program that stands out from the crowd

1xBet affiliate program that stands out from the crowd
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Team 1xBet nominated for Partnership Program of the Year at the World Game Awards, Team 1xBet reveals how the bookmaker has built a strong network of 30,000 healthy partnerships around the world, with each 1xBet partner receiving exclusive feedback and promotional materials to ensure they accurately represent the brand 1xBet commercial for quality and success.

Casino review: How important are affiliates to the betting industry, and in particular, 1xBet?

1xBet Team: The mechanisms of affiliate programs make affiliates a vital part of any industry. The bet is no exception because also, thanks to the partners, brands have been able to increase growth rates. This is quantifiable, with the main indicators being new users, deposits and player activity.

We have great respect for the 1xBet affiliate program participants who introduce their audience to our brand. We have more than 30 thousand partners from all over the world on our side, and this list includes both mega site owners and start-up bloggers, for example.

The contribution of each affects the results we achieve. Therefore, partnership is a two-way street. After all, we, in turn, offer the affiliates favorable terms of cooperation.

CR: What is the key to a successful affiliate program?

1xBet Team: Today, the number of affiliate programs is growing, including among bookmakers, and you should be able to stand out. How do I do it? There may be different approaches here: someone offers high commission rates, another has an original approach to communication, and someone creates new models of cooperation.

We are constantly evaluating our work on partnership programs. Our positive results are reflected in victories and nominations at prestigious awards. For example, this year, we were nominated for Affiliate Program of the Year at the World Game Awards. This is a good sign that we are continuing to move in the right direction.

CR: How has 1xBet helped its affiliates overcome challenges and reach their target markets?

1xBet Team: An affiliate program is a good opportunity to make your project profitable. For many of our affiliates, working with us is their primary source of income.

We are fully aware that partners have their own goals and challenges, and therefore we make cooperation with us reliable and orderly. Each partner can rely on the comments and receive exclusive materials for publication. We stand for quality, and we need partners to properly convey information about our brand.

1xBet Partners is a story about healthy partnerships, where both parties try to do their best to achieve the best results.

CR: What feedback have you received from affiliates over the past year?

1xBet Team: We have received many positive messages from our affiliate marketers. 2021 turned out to be a great year because it was an exciting sporting season: the Euros, the Olympics and dozens of other events. Therefore, we have prepared several great promotions for all these activities.

This allowed partners to monetize their traffic, and for us – to introduce new users, who can bet on their favorite sports, to this sports action feast.

Let’s not forget that 1xBet is also a prominent player in the esports arena. We have major agreements with ESL and WePlay, an excellent range of betting options, as well as attractive promotions dedicated to the most important tournaments. This only increased the possibilities of cooperation with us, especially for those sites that are not attracted to sports.

In short, the partners are excited about how things are going in 2021. We’re excited too.

CR: How do you plan to continue supporting and helping grow your affiliates in the future?

1xBet Team: We have a number of ideas on how to improve our referral program. Of course, we are constantly improving what we have, but we also have new ideas in our plans.

We don’t want to reveal all of our cards just yet, but partners will certainly be happy with any new approaches 1xBet partners adopt. Stay tuned!

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