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4 Ways Affiliate Marketers Can Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

4 Ways Affiliate Marketers Can Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season
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If you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s easy to get caught up in getting ready for the holiday season.

To ensure you enjoy the magic of the season, we’ve created a cheat sheet on how to tweak your marketing strategy for the rest of the year. We promise you’ll finally be in the holiday spirit and get out of the holiday stress.

How Affiliate Marketers Can Prepare For The Holiday Shopping Season

1. Be aware of important dates

First things first, add these dates to your calendar to determine how to adjust your fourth-quarter marketing strategies for these major holidays:

Singles’ Day: Thursday 11 November:

What started as a Chinese holiday in the ’90s, singles celebrate by buying themselves something nice.

Before Thanksgiving: Before Thursday 25 November:

Although 38% of holiday shoppers start in October, another 23% start buying gifts before Internet week. Take this opportunity to reach customers before the competition.

Cyber ​​5: Thursday 25 November – Monday 29 November:

It is critical that you have a proper strategy in place for these five days. Rotate different discounts every day, and place your biggest deals on Black Friday and Internet Monday.

Giving Tuesday: Tuesday 30 November:

The Tuesday is given on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year and people are encouraged to return the favor. Promote your brand by engaging your company.

Green Monday: Monday, December 13:

eBay created Green Monday which is the biggest online shopping day in December. It’s the second biggest online shopping event of the season after Cyber ​​Monday.

Super Saturday: Saturday 18 December:

Also known as Panic Saturday, it’s the last Saturday before Christmas Eve when shoppers rush to finish their list. Use this time to boost fast charging.

Boxing Day: Sunday, December 26:

An official holiday in the UK, Boxing Day is celebrated with sporting events and, yes, more shopping.

After vacation:

Many brands continue to increase sales as they clear inventory and prepare new products for the post-holiday season.

2. Know what to apply and when

People expect more savings this time of year, but you don’t have to bend over backwards to get the sale. Create a campaign using these strategies to delight your customers without losing profits:


Sales become competitive at this time of year, and if you don’t offer a deal, you may lose conversions. This does not mean that you should sell everything for half price. Offer incentives for shopper emails so you have new potential customers after the holiday.

Gift when buying:

Shoppers love hearing the word “free” when they’re looking for gifts. Giving a gift with a purchase can result in a 44% higher conversion rate. Review your inventory and find seasonal products that you can take advantage of.

free shipping:

If it’s not in your budget to offer free shipping to everyone, create a promotion in which shoppers need to meet the minimum to receive free shipping. Calculate what they need to spend to make it useful for your business.

Rush Shipping:

We’ve all been those last minute shoppers. Rush Shipping easily diverts more shoppers by relieving the pressure on packages that arrive on time.

3. Benefit from technology partners

To prepare for the holiday traffic, it is important to review your affiliate program and improve your affiliate marketing strategies. Consider using a technology partner like UpSellit that can lighten your workload and help you think of new ways to engage customers when it matters most.

Adapt and improve conversion strategies

Ask yourself basic questions to narrow down what needs to be changed to achieve your goals. Are you targeting a new audience? What do they expect? What seasonal promotions will you offer to convert sales?

Connect with your technology partner to align your seasonal marketing strategies and cover all your bases. Here is a list of strategy suggestions that are particularly relevant at this time of year:

Use urgency tactics:

Using a countdown timer or low stock alerts can help increase sales by 60%. If shoppers know a deal is only there for a limited time, they are more likely to convert.

Stay on top of your interests with remarketing:

To keep shoppers organized, send them personalized emails. Remind shoppers of shipping deadlines, and link them to stockpile notifications so they can cross off more of their list. They will receive a lot of seasonal emails, so be sure to highlight your message.

Use Shoppers Wish Lists:

It’s easy for shoppers to get lost while browsing hundreds of products and services online. Save their cart and create a wish list to remind them to come back to your website.

Play in seasonal marketing:

People want to feel the holiday spirit! Create a holiday shopping experience on your page and emails with festive and game designs.

4. Align your affiliates

Once you have a plan drawn up, reach out to your affiliates with plenty of time to make sure they have everything they need. Give them updated marketing materials, fill in promotions, and provide social media assets to promote your brand.

It is also important to pick and choose which affiliates are best to use based on their role in your program. You can even consider increasing what affiliates can earn. Some advertisers offer a higher commission rate for the season to incentivize their partners. Use your referral program to your advantage, and reach out to your contacts to find out where you can expand your reach this season.

It’s time to plan!

You’re officially ready to get in the holiday spirit! We promised to leave you feeling relaxed, so you can get back to singing carols and planning your holiday parties. You have all the tools you need to succeed this holiday season.

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