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6 of the Best Social Media Marketing Certification Programs for 2022

Best Social Media Marketing Certification
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The editors at Solutions Review have rounded up 6 of the best social media marketing certification programs that social media managers and professionals should consider.

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Social media is one of the cornerstones of modern marketing strategies. But since each platform has unique requirements, standards, and trends that must be adhered to, social media marketing is not always as straightforward as many imagine. As the industry evolves, aspiring and active social media marketers who wish to maintain or develop their expertise need to invest in their continuing education to further advance their career in social media marketing.

With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best social media marketing degree programs available online. These are comprehensive programs designed for students looking to expand or improve their expertise with a professional degree or certificate. Click the Go to Certificate link to learn more about each course and to register. Courses are listed alphabetically by provider name.

Digital Marketing Academy in Canada

Best Social Media Marketing Certification Programs

Course title: Professional Certificate in Social Media Marketing from Facebook

Our advice: Facebook is one of the most valuable social media platforms for marketers, so it is important to know how to take advantage of it. This course is designed for beginners and provides them with the Facebook marketing skills they need to be fully operational.

Provider: Coursera

Describe: Developed for beginners with little or no experience, this online certification can be completed in about six months. Students will learn about content marketing development, advertising management, performance advertising, brand development, paid advertising, Instagram marketing, and much more. The course consists of lectures, readings, assignments and practical projects to help each student develop social media marketing skills.

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Course title: Basics of digital marketing and social media

Our advice: Developed by active industry professionals, this part-time online course will provide you with an overview of the strategies and ideas you need to succeed as a digital marketer.

a program: Digital Marketing Academy in Canada

Describe: This course focuses on providing its students with real-world applications and tools for marketers of all levels of experience. Topics covered include managing social media campaigns across platforms, understanding SEO, delivering memorable user experiences, using tools like big data, artificial intelligence, chat bots, content marketing, and more. The course consists of over twenty hours of material divided into sixteen units for digital marketing and social media, multiple quizzes, and a final assignment. Students will also have access to a dedicated success coach who can provide additional support during the course.

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Course title: Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement

Our advice: Social media marketing requires skills beyond the social platforms you’re working on. Through this course, students will understand how customers interact with your brand via social media, email, and other online platforms.

Provider: edex

Describe: This course may not focus exclusively on social media, but it does cover important tools and techniques that every marketer needs if they are to develop and maintain meaningful social media strategies. For example, students will learn to develop lasting relationships with customers, analyze how audiences interact with different digital channels, and better understand how potential and active customers interact with a brand online.

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Course title: Mobile Marketing Certification Advanced Training

Our advice: This course will provide students with mobile marketing skills to become experts in launching effective advertising campaigns and integrated social media marketing strategies.

Provider: Simply learn

Describe: Students who take this course will develop the mobile marketing skills they need through self-paced learning, teacher-led options, three distinct projects, and a final mock exam. The course will train its students to become experts in campaign management, mobile advertising, content marketing, app marketing, location-based marketing, responsive web designs, mobile marketing analytics, and other skills that every social media marketer will need at their disposal.

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Course title: Advanced Social Media Certification Course

Our advice: With over 60 hours of industry-based learning and project material, this course will help marketing professionals explore the intricacies of social media marketing and build the skills they need to make it into a career.

Provider: Simply learn

Describe: This is one of the most comprehensive degree programs for professionals looking to plant roots in the field of social media marketing. Students who sign up for the program will get a deep dive into social media functions, YouTube and video marketing, Facebook marketing, advertising, and social media tools. The degree also includes advanced explorations of social media marketing, content marketing, and web analytics. Upon completion, students will have the skills and insights needed to raise their brand, implement effective social campaigns, and advance their careers.

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Course title: Become a digital marketer

Our advice: Designed for students looking to start their career in digital marketing, this introductory program will equip students with the real-world experience skills needed to succeed in their career.

Describe: Udacity has teamed up with industry leaders like HubSpot, Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, and other brands to develop a program that provides students with a 360-degree view of digital marketing. Students who take this course will learn about content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising campaigns, analytics, email marketing, social media advertising, and more. There are no prerequisites for this course, and students who commit to the 10-hour weekly program can expect to complete it in approximately three months.

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