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9 of the Best Video Marketing Courses Worth Taking in 2021

9 of the Best Video Marketing Courses Worth Taking in 2021
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The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list of the best video marketing courses and online training programs to help your team expand their marketing skills.

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Video marketing may not be as widespread as social media or email marketing, but it is growing in popularity and profitability. As social media platforms place higher and higher value on video content, companies across industries need to invest in video marketing output. Whether it’s YouTube videos on a company channel, original video on LinkedIn, or bite-sized clips on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, if your company posts videos, it has to do it right.

With this in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best video marketing courses available on online learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Skillshare. Anyone on your team can take these online courses looking to expand, hone, or start up their video marketing skills and know-how. Click on go to training Learn more about each course and register.

Noticeable: Video Marketing courses are listed alphabetically by title of the online learning platform.

Best Video Marketing Courses

Course title: Online video content strategy

Our advice: If you are looking for an overview of the online video market and how you can find your footing in it, then this course is for you. The course can be completed in just two hours and is best suited for beginners who need some help breaking into the world of video marketing.

Provider: LinkedIn learning

Describe: Creating video content is a valuable thing, but it is also an investment, which means companies want to make sure they get it. That’s what this course from Roberto Blake – Public Speaker, Marketing Strategist and Video Expert – is designed to help. Students who take this two-hour course will learn about the processes behind each video content strategy, including planning, production, publishing, delivery, and search optimization. Blake also covers the current landscape of online video, best practices for video production, determining what types of content work best on certain platforms, and more.

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Course title: Introduction to Video Marketing: Planning, Production, and Deployment to Get Results

Our advice: This one-hour course has been taken by over 5,000 students and aims to help marketers of all skill levels learn how to use video content in their marketing strategies.

Provider: Skill Share

Describe: In this Introduction to Video Marketing, Coach Renee Teeley will guide marketers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers through the process of planning, creating, producing and launching engaging videos for their target audience. The 60-minute course is divided into 15 sections with tips, recommendations, and examples to help students define their audience, choose a production style, animate their videos as needed, write a video script, customize their messages for different platforms, and measure the performance of the final product.

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Course title: Advanced Video Marketing for Beginners | Video Marketing Ads

Our advice: This step-by-step course is geared toward anyone looking to improve or kick-start their video marketing capabilities and shows students how to create engaging video marketing campaigns that reach the right audience, boost leads, and improve profits.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: In this 90-minute course, students will learn how to increase brand awareness, improve social media engagement, improve search engine rankings, build trust with audiences, and generate return on investment through engaging video marketing campaigns and ads. The course is best suited for anyone looking to create professional videos and video marketing campaigns across platforms. Over 35,000 students have enrolled in this course, and it was updated in June 2021 by the team at OMG – Mastermind, which created the course.

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Course title: Create full-fledged videos, video marketing, and master YouTube

Our advice: With 14 hours of video-on-demand and a wealth of downloadable resources, this comprehensive, up-to-date course can provide you with all the tips and best practices you need to become a confident video content creator and marketer.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: This in-depth course has been developed to help beginners in video marketing develop their skills and turn them into experts in video marketing and production. Students will learn the ins and outs of video creation, video editing, video SEO, YouTube marketing, YouTube SEO, Facebook video ads, Adobe Premiere Pro, and much more. With 9 sections consisting of a total of 87 lectures and nearly 40 downloadable resources, this course gives students plenty of tools and opportunities to build and showcase their video marketing skills.

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Course title: Develop Your Brand with Video: A Key Lesson in Video Marketing

Our advice: Aimed at cross-departmental marketing professionals, this course has no prerequisites and provides learners with the insights and best practices needed to increase brand awareness, create new opportunities, and increase income for their business.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: Students who complete this 90-minute course can expect to learn about video marketing campaigns, where videos fall into the sales funnel, what social media platforms are best suited for video content, how to measure the success of video marketing efforts, and build an enduring video marketing strategy . The course includes over 20 downloadable resources to enhance the video lectures along with a template outline that will guide learners through the steps of building a compelling video strategy.

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Course title: Learn video marketing in one weekend

Our advice: This course has been developed for busy marketing professionals who want an intense but quick introduction to the world of video content. The course covers all the basics – optimal planning, design, creation and publishing – of video marketing, and can be completed easily in a weekend, true to its name.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: With 6.5 hours of video lectures, students enrolled in this course will learn how to create engaging video content, produce low-volume ads, optimize videos for better visibility, develop a marketing strategy, target the right audiences, and increasingly stand out. competitive market. Other topics covered include an analysis of video marketing types, a definition of video threading, video editing tips, video targeting best practices, CTAs, and more.

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Course title: Video Marketing: YouTube Marketing For Business

Our advice: YouTube is one of the dominant platforms for video content, which means you need to know how to use it properly. This quick introduction course will help you get to know and use YouTube to start building a fan base.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: This course is designed to help entrepreneurs learn how to use YouTube as another tool to market their products, service, and brand to their target audience. Coach Sam Dey has years of marketing experience and will show students how to target their ideal audience, attract visitors, increase subscribers, rank their videos in the YouTube search engine algorithm, and build trust with viewers. The course is only an hour long and is best suited for marketers who understand how YouTube works and have a budget to invest in video equipment.

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Course title: YouTube Marketing Pro: Create a Local Video Marketing Agency

Our advice: While it is geared towards marketers looking to start a video marketing agency, this course contains plenty of ideas and tips to help you get the most out of YouTube. The course is taught by Robert Scott – who has hundreds of positive reviews on Udemy – and will show you how to create YouTube videos that matter.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: This 3.5-hour course may be designed for aspiring video marketing agencies, but its lessons apply to anyone looking to get comfortable creating content marketing for a YouTube audience. Students can expect to learn about the relationship between Google and YouTube, how keywords affect optimization, how to format a video, choosing the best keywords for titles and text, moving viewers from a video to a web page, and more.

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Course title: 2021 Video Marketing and Advertising with Effective YouTube Ads

Our advice: Video ads can generate a lot of revenue for your business, but you need to know how to use them. In this 3.5 hour course, bestselling author and Udemy Alex Genadinik coach will help you dramatically convert YouTube ads to the right people and increase profits.

Provider: Udemy

Describe: Video advertising has a reputation as one of the most profitable forms that advertising can take, and there is good reason for that. In this course, students will learn what each YouTube ad setting means, how to write effective video scripts for marketing and sales, why YouTube ads are cheaper than ads on other social media platforms, and more. In addition to its hands-on teaching style, Alex Genadinik also offers several worksheets, exercises, and other downloadable resources to help students get the most value out of the course.

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