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Affiliate Marketing Versus Media Buying 101

Affiliate Marketing Versus Media Buying 101
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If you are in the world of affiliate marketing, you may have heard of another similar method called media buying. If you’ve just learned about media buying and wondered what exactly it is, don’t worry – it’s not known as affiliate marketing but is in fact intrinsically related.

What is affiliate marketing?

Let’s cover the basics first. Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting (a.k.a. marketing) the products or services of other people’s companies in exchange for reduced revenue. For example, if Company A sells video games at $30 each and has an affiliate program, where the affiliate gets 5% off any sale, the affiliate marketer will get $1.50 for each $30 sale.

While $1.50 may not seem like a lot, affiliate marketing can be done at scale. If you drive 1,000 people to the site in a week, and 10% make a purchase, you make $150. If you set up a website that converts them for you, this will happen week after week without your input.

With thousands of affiliate programs now available to choose from, affiliate networks play an important role in this process as well. To find the most success with affiliate programs and networks, be sure to pay attention to which ones have the highest commission rates and who their target audience is.

What is media buying?

Media buying is the process of buying advertising space to promote your message. It is basically buying paid traffic in exchange for displaying your brand. In terms of affiliate marketing, it is often understood as the person who buys ads to go to an affiliate link that gives them a commission.

Basically, the difference between affiliate marketing and media buying is that the affiliate marketer focuses on creating great content to drive organic traffic to their affiliate links, while the media buyer buys ad space and drives traffic that way.

When considering purchasing any type of media with affiliate marketing, there are many different approaches to weigh. Depending on the advertising spend, market and schedule, each one should be considered.

How can I combine the two to get the best ROI?

The best thing about affiliate marketing and media buying is that they are basically two sides of the same coin and are not mutually exclusive. While some people are heavily involved in generating organic traffic that can drive people to their sites – for free – for years to come, some become experts at buying media and using the power of ads to make money.

When you master the art of paid advertising, you can basically inject money into the system and get paid. For example, you can know that spending $200 on ads per day gives you $400 in revenue, leaving you with $200 in revenue per day.

Now, if you combine them, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of both to maximize your return on investment. So how do you do this?

Consider incorporating landing pages into your site.

If you are an affiliate marketer who focuses on integrating affiliate links into useful content, consider using landing pages as well. The articles will continue to drive organic traffic, and you can use your landing pages to convert paid traffic. At the bottom of your landing page, you can send those who haven’t converted back to your site for more information, which can help salvage a lost lead.

Use media buying when you have a successful product.

If you find a product that drives organic traffic crazy, you can see if the same happens to you via media purchase – chances are you’ll see the same results. Try to translate what makes a product turn well into a one-page landing page, and attract ads to it.

Work on multiple projects.

When you wait to see if an ad is effective before modifying it, you will have a few days to a week where you will have some time on your hands – unless you have unlimited money to keep setting up new ads. This means that you can work on another affiliate marketing project that is funded by your own efforts which starts with gaining organic traffic and then sales. When this happens, you will realize your step in your media buying projects, and both will become profitable. You can even start this process over when both are working effectively to increase your revenue even more.

Using media buying and affiliate marketing in tandem can be very profitable, especially if you become an expert in both areas. If you haven’t yet tried media buying, it’s a good idea to explore before deciding what type of affiliate marketing works best for you.

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