AG Rokita stands behind questioning of COVID-19 numbers

AG Rokita stands behind questioning of COVID-19 numbers
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ALLEN COUNTY, Indiana (WAN) – Indiana Attorney General Todd Rocketta (right) on Friday stood by his comments about not really trusting the COVID-19 numbers being reported.

In an interview with his CBS affiliate in South Bend two weeks ago, he stated, “I don’t believe any numbers anymore.” While touring the Allen County Sheriff’s Department’s new K-9 facility, he explained more about why he was so suspicious.

It’s now clearer than ever that there are all kinds of questions and inconsistencies regarding the COVID-19 data, Rokita told WANE 15’s Brianna Brownlee. When asked if he doubted the country’s figures, he replied that it was an international issue.

Roqueta said he trusts the Indiana Department of Health to compile the numbers that come from health care providers, but he questions uniform standards for how the numbers are reported.

“Even the CDC itself said it had to adjust its numbers. That’s what I was simply saying: There is an international data management issue here. If you are trying to advocate for people to be vaccinated, it is your duty to be transparent about how we get to this,” said Rokita. Numbers.” “What standards do health care providers use to generate data? What are the standards across countries and countries on how to report this data? “

When asked if he intended to open an investigation, he answered no because he did not believe fraud was taking place.

He also cited a divided Supreme Court ruling that blocked the Biden administration’s federal mandate to require employees at large companies to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing.

We had a good day yesterday at the Supreme Court. I was really proud that not only did the state of Indiana stand with like-minded attorneys general, but our state stood together and put the federal government back in place when it comes to OHS mandates,” said Rocetta.

On Thursday, the court’s conservative majority concluded that the administration had overstepped its authority in OSHA’s mandate but upheld the vaccine’s mandate for most health care workers.

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