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ALBION SC Brooklyn revealed as new ALBION SC National Affiliate

ALBION SC Brooklyn revealed as new ALBION SC National Affiliate
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ALBION SC announces the expansion of the ALBION SC National Affiliate Program, welcoming ALBION SC Brooklyn, formerly SABA NYC, a highly competitive historic club in the Brooklyn area.

ALBION SC Brooklyn joins one of the most prestigious national affiliate programs in the United States, with ALBION expanding into the Brooklyn market and New York City. ALBION SC’s National Program now has more than 10,000 players and has quickly become one of the largest networks of youth clubs in the country, with the goal of advancing football both nationally and in each of its home markets.

By rebranding to ALBION SC Brooklyn, SABA NYC will be provided with a platform for immediate national recognition, while receiving key operational and strategic support. In addition, it connects ALBION SC Brooklyn with the resources, structure and overall network to build its player development model and help accelerate the club’s vision within the next 3-5 years.

ALBION SC has continued to expand the National Affiliate Program due to demand from programs to build on their success while benefiting from the vision and structure of the ALBION SC organization. The club takes the success of its existing program and uses the brand, structure, operational strength, reputation, programming and resources developed at ALBION SC to reach new levels and opportunities for players, teams and staff.

“ALBION SC Brooklyn has a lot of potential based on leadership, group of players, market demands and the overall ambition of the group,” he said. Mark Santistefan, ALBION SC, COO. “They have a huge incentive to accelerate the club to new heights and this alignment will allow for immediate success.”

Santiseven continued: “ALBION SC Brooklyn is a club that will experience tremendous growth and success and with all that we reveal, there will be an immediate competitive advantage for players and coaches to achieve success.” “ALBION SC Brooklyn has strong leadership with people who really care. It has been a pleasure to really build such strong roads and teamwork towards realizing the vision of football in the Brooklyn area.”

ALBION SC Brooklyn will expand its services and opportunities throughout the region. Teams currently compete in the U.S. Youth Football League and Club American Football League models. Going forward, ALBION SC Brooklyn will send players to the National Elite Platform within ALBION SC, and will be part of the work with the best ALBION SC teams during the regular season and throughout the year, as some players will participate in the MLS NEXT, Elite Academy (EA) and Girls’ Academy ( GA) and the Development Player Association (DPL).

“Over the past 22 years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the ever-changing football environment in downtown Brooklyn,” he said. Harry Triana, Technical Director ALBION SC Brooklyn. “In order to enhance our capabilities and continue to make an impact on the community, we have joined ALBION SC. Joining ALBION SC gives us access to systems and resources that enhance our infrastructure and differentiate us from other clubs in the region.”

“Through the ALBION SC pathway, our players now have opportunities to reach all levels within the American football pyramid,” Triana continued. “This is changing the football landscape in Brooklyn, providing the community with a nationally recognized brand and proven winner. I am very proud of what SABA has achieved over the past two decades. We’ve put the legacy built by all of our past coaches, players and parents in this position to create something even bigger in Brooklyn. I am excited to embark on this journey alongside the ALBION SC family as we strive to reach new milestones”

Additionally, teams will gain opportunities to compete in the ALBION CUP National Show, other ALBION SC shows, as well as be part of the ALBION SC NATIONAL Elite Showcase Teams made up of top players from all ALBION SC affiliated clubs who will travel and play in ALBION CUP SPAIN that takes place in August 2022 in San Sebastian.

The teams will compete under the ALBION SC Brooklyn name starting in the 2021-2022 season.

“We are very excited to be working with Brooklyn based on leadership, player group and geography,” said Kyle Hagenberger, National Director of College Enrollment and Elite Programming. “This will open many doors for players and teams and allow for immediate opportunities.”

Kuchal BattleALBION SC Brooklyn Director of Football stated:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for players, families and the club as a whole. The management structure that ALBION brings to the table is exceptional and will allow us to evolve to better serve children. I am excited to see where this takes us. Having grown up in New York City, giving the best to the city’s players is my passion. SC creates the best opportunities for players in Brooklyn.Our club has a private community of parents, players and coaches.It is very exciting to have the opportunity to give area players access to the best quality development in the area.The combination of ALBION SC’s resources, development plans and pathways allows us to become the club The model in Brooklyn.Brooklyn has always wanted a club that provides a pathway for highly skilled players.We are excited to grow ALBION SC Brooklyn to provide this path.For the long term, we hope to continue to tell stories of the great moments,teams and groups that will come together to make this club what it needs This move is changing the football landscape in New York City and provides an opportunity to build something we can all be proud of.”

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