Amazon is slashing commission rates for its affiliate program

Mariella Moon
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Amazon affiliate program members get less money starting April 21st. according to CNBCe-commerce giant Amazon Associates — affiliates that link to products on its website in exchange for a percentage of sales — has reported that it is lowering commission rates across various categories. The changes are very significant in some cases: The rate of discounts for the furniture and home improvement category has dropped from 8 percent to 3 percent, for example, while the commission rate for grocery items is now down to 1 percent from 5 percent.

As you can tell, it can have a huge impact on websites, including the media, that rely heavily on Amazon’s affiliate program to make money. Company spokesperson CNBC The one I spoke to did not say whether the changes were made in response to COVID-19. But as the post points out, there have been very few changes to Amazon’s operations due to the pandemic.

The company had to focus on shipping medical and cleaning supplies due to the outbreak. It also had to hire 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers to keep up with demand now that people are now heading to online shopping stuck at home. Recently, it expanded the return policy window for shoppers and improved safety measures after workers protested the lack of adequate protective gear against illness.

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