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An update on hi-fi doorstops

An update on hi-fi doorstops
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In 2018, I discovered that the €9 barrier from was a great way to prevent the smaller parts of audio equipment – DACs, transmitters, phono stages, power supplies – from slipping off the back of a hi-fi stand, sideboard or Kallax unit. . The cable on the back of small components can build up very quickly and I now have a set of door rails that I post regularly to keep them in place.

Sometimes these breakpoints appear in our YouTube videos to generate a set of questions in the comments section: “what are they?” And “Where can I get one?”.


🛒 (US)
🛒 (Germany)
🛒 (UK)

And based on the Amazon reviews on these product listings, it looks like this “hi-fi” barrier idea has really caught on.

However, today’s story is not a self-congratulatory but the start of a deeper dive into Amazon Associates’ affiliate program. You can discover Amazon affiliate links (here and elsewhere) at structure. For example, the links above to points of sale are Amazon affiliate links – to, and If I click on one of these links and buy something from Amazon, I will earn a very small commission. This commission can be paid into a bank account, but I chose to pay it off as a store credit.


I’ll use store credit to buy the CD or the individual vinyl for myself. I can’t use or store credit without taking the double hit of international shipping and import duties. At this point at least, this juice isn’t worth squeezing. Instead, I’ll use store credit to purchase a CD or vinyl for one of my sponsors in the US. I hope to make this a monthly thing. Same for beneficiaries who live in the UK. Before I get to those little slices of philanthropy, I’d like to make enough credit to purchase Darko, audio employee Jana Dagdagan, a pair of noise-canceling headphones. She’s working from home and doing a tough job with the building noise at the moment.

In a broader sense, I’m curious as to how much money can be earned from Amazon affiliate links. Is it closer to a barista pitcher? Or will they generate enough green to make me worry that I’m becoming a POS commission salesperson? The more I promote and praise them, the more I earn.

Time will tell.

I will be adding Amazon affiliate links to the description box of every YouTube video in 2022 as well as one or two of the main posts on this site. Don’t worry: Amazon means I won’t link to expensive items and any affiliate links will be clearly visible.

Furthermore, I will be reporting the amount of money earned through the affiliate program for each Amazon territory at the end of each quarter. Last week, she shared the three door links (above) on her Instagram and Darko.Audio YouTube community page. This resulted in the following clicks and commissions:

He follows…

More information: Amazon Associates Central


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