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Anatomie Travels to New Heights With Impressive Sales and Continued Growth

Anatomie Travels to New Heights With Impressive Sales and Continued Growth
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Miami, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/– anatomyThe European-made luxury travel apparel brand has continued to reach new heights amid a challenging retail landscape that has seen more downs than ups. The company revealed that its continued growth was the result of several beneficial programs and strategies, including supply chain security, strategic manufacturing, and a focus on multi-channel distribution.

Founded in 2006 by business partners and husband and wife duo Kate and Shawn BowerAnatomie is a luxury sportswear company designed for the modern traveler. Initially launched to market high quality sports apparel, Anatomie has since evolved into a luxury lifestyle brand with functional designs for men and women. The brand continues to innovate the Athleisurewear market thanks to its strong leadership team, with Kate serving as CEO, Sean as creative director, and Tom Dietrich As President and Chief Operating Officer, he is an expert in the apparel industry who joined the company in 2017. Anatomie has seen many successes throughout 2021 and has reported a growth of 70% year over year with expectations to reach $30M by 2022. The brand continued to increase its offerings and expand into new categories, launching its first-ever men’s capsule in 2021 to meet consumer demand and “prole” brands.

As a result of its continued growth, Anatomie launched its formal board of directors in 2017, which has taken on new members and new executive appointments whose extensive knowledge and experience will enhance the company as a leader in luxury fashion, including Tom Dietrich, Chairman and CEO of Anatomie, Sandra Kim Seok, Chief Financial Officer of Engine No. 1, and J. David Shiner, a former Macy’s and Perry Ellis executive. Anatomie has built a team of high-profile clients-turned-investors and entrepreneurs, including Jill Granov, the former CEO of Vince and Kenneth Cole, And Sheila JohnsonCo-founder of the Black Entertainment Network. Anatomie plans to spend a significant portion of its marketing dollars on affiliate programs, direct mail, and direct-to-consumer social media campaigns in 2022 to continue its impressive expansion.

“When we started this company over 15 years ago, we wanted to create a brand synonymous with luxury, quality and timeless craftsmanship,” Kate BoyerCo-founder and CEO of Anatomie. “The fastest growing segments of the women’s fashion industry are travel and sportswear, and Anatomie is ideally positioned to intersect the two. We are thrilled to deliver on our continued promise to increase Anatomie’s offerings during a pivotal year for the retail landscape.”

With its aggressive marketing plans, Anatomie is gearing up for another record year in 2022 with ongoing retail experiences, regional pop-up stores, specialty stores in hotels and resorts, and more. During a time when many consumers need high-quality essentials, Anatomie continues to lead sportswear trends and remains at the forefront of innovation to create the perfect wardrobe for the modern man and woman on the go.

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Founded in 2006 by the married couple, Kate and Shawn BowerAnatomie is a European-made luxury travel apparel brand that combines functionality with the finest materials, centered around contemporary style, innovative features and unique designs for the modern adventurer. With extensive experience in fashion and sportswear, Kate and Sean originally created Anatomie for the sportswear market, but has evolved over the years to meet the unique and sought-after needs of the luxury traveler with functional fashion that can be worn anytime, anywhere, providing a whole new world of comfort and style.

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