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Berjaya Air is Now 100% Fully Vaccinated

Berjaya Air Now 100% Fully Vaccinated
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Berjaya Aviation is now 100% fully vaccinated as of September 2021. The team has also launched a ‘Whole Vaccine’ button badge initiative, along with the government vaccination campaign.

Without a doubt, the initiative has certainly enhanced the organization’s readiness for domestic and international travel.

Malaysia’s adult population is close to 95% herd immune and preparing to officially open its international borders. Therefore, along with many other companies that prioritize safety and a Covid-19-free environment, Berjaya Air is taking a step forward with its dynamism.

“The phrase ‘fully vaccinated’ has been featured on our badge and the motivation for this initiative is to make guests feel more comfortable when they are in contact with our ground and flight crew.” Ms. Jocelyn Yee, Director of Aviation at Berjaya Hotels & Resorts.

Guests are also encouraged to take a Covid-19 RTK self-test at least 72 hours before their flight to ensure they are in good flying health. Once their health is declared and checked in at the airport, guests will enjoy the privilege of indulging in the SkyLounge where refreshments and beverages are served prior to departure.

“Our fleet is regularly disinfected and sanitized. We ensure that all standard operating procedures are adhered to. We want our guests to know that they are our top priority, from the moment they book with us until they arrive at their destination,” adds Jocelyn.

Berjaya Air currently flies domestically from Subang Airport, promoting domestic tourism that provides a hassle-free travel experience to the white sandy beaches of Taras Beach Resort & Spa, Redang Island. It is the most convenient and direct way to get there. Charter flights are also available upon request.

Berjaya Aviation employees are required to take an RTK Covid-19 test every two weeks to ensure everyone’s safety. Attractive packages are available with return flight, accommodation and meals at Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR) in Malaysia.


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