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Best Casino Affiliate Programs of 2021

Best Casino Affiliate Programs of 2021
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Affiliate marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that big companies use to promote their products and/or services. It is a type of performance based marketing which promotes the products of other companies. The casino industry is also quite extensive and needs extensive promotion to expand its network; This can be achieved through various casino affiliate programs. But what is affiliate marketing? Let’s find out in this section.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company rewards affiliates for each customer brought in through the affiliate marketing efforts. The concept of affiliate marketing in the World Wide Web was introduced by William. J. Tobin, founder of PC Flowers and Gifts. As his sales skyrocketed after implementing this strategy, Tobin encouraged more affiliates to help him promote his business on the Internet. Affiliate marketing includes other popular online marketing methods such as SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, content marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), Display Advertising, etc. However, it is different from referral marketing, people often confuse affiliate marketing tools with affiliate marketing tools, as these marketing techniques involve third party intervention to increase sales. But, while the former involves financial motivation, referral marketing involves trust and confidence of customers.

Affiliate casino software

Online gambling is a quick way to try your luck while pursuing your passion. Online casinos are sites that contain all forms of gambling, and not much is known about it. Still, people today are more comfortable when visiting their spots specializing in land-based and mortar casinos. Therefore, this industry needs more promotion, which is made possible thanks to the casino affiliate programs. The casino affiliate program also has another advantage; Backed by famous brands that help to win the trust of customers quite easily. Moreover, the fast mobile landing pages also provide higher payouts for the casino affiliate program.

Anyone who is interested and knows all the aspects and corners of a particular online casino can become a casino affiliate. For example, bloggers, who are also casino players, can become casino affiliates to share many important tips with their fans. Owners of thematic sites linked to iGaming can also act as casino affiliate partners. To operate as a successful casino affiliate, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the mechanics of casino websites. Affiliates must have a clear understanding of how different website contents work and then group them together into a resource that is attractive to website visitors. The amateur affiliate should know the audience well, their tastes and preferences, etc. It becomes easier to find content for them that they respond to more than others.

Most online casinos offer affiliate programs to expand their potential reach. To become an affiliate, the first step is to visit the casino affiliate program page. You can find a link at the bottom of the online casino website, “Casino Affiliate Programs”, clicking on it will direct you to the affiliate casino program page. Affiliate links can be included in any form such as popups, banners, or text links. The best casino affiliate page generally contains important information for users that they need to know before partnering with the casino as an affiliate.

Registration on the casino affiliate program page is free, but it must be remembered that as soon as the user registers as an affiliate casino, he must act immediately and take advantage of its potential, which means that he should start putting his efforts into practice and bringing more visitors to the casino website. Blogging is the most popular choice for amateur affiliates, and most of them start their career as casino bloggers.

The best casino affiliate programs promote partner casinos online and earn income from interactions with various advertisements. The casino affiliate may also act as an intermediary between the advertisers’ casinos and the affiliate casino programs to provide services to both parties.

How does affiliate casino work?

An online casino affiliate company connects publishers with various affiliate programs related to online casino services. In turn, these affiliate programs promote online gambling, thus attracting more visits to the casino site in exchange for some monetary compensation. Affiliates are paid depending on the terms of the offer. Referral links posted by affiliates bring more relevant traffic to casinos than other traditional online marketing methods. Users who use the links posted by affiliates to join the casino community find it more comfortable to register at online casinos.

Casino affiliates act as intermediaries between online casino brands and players. It helps direct customers to a particular website, company or brand. Casino affiliates act as independent marketers on behalf of other companies and get paid every time a new customer visits the website or is directed through the offered products and/or services. Each casino affiliate is given a unique URL link that remains embedded on the website. These links help track the source of web traffic. Using this affiliate link, casinos can share their content with other affiliates, thus expanding their networks to include more players.

How are casino partners paid?

There are three basic modes in which an online casino affiliate gets paid to bring in web traffic to various casino brands:

1) revenue share Revenue Share or RevShare as it is also called is a payment mode in which a casino affiliate is paid a percentage of the net revenue earned by the casino from a referred player. Revenue Share is a long-term model in which a casino affiliate can earn 5% to 50% in commission during the time they are active playing in the casino or using the sports betting services offered by the casino.

This high commission rate in revenue sharing payment method encourages affiliates to bring in high quality clients to iGaming. However, the revenue sharing model also has drawbacks; Besides earning a large percentage of revenue, affiliates may also incur huge losses. Therefore, it is important for affiliates to assess the risks associated with the Revenue Share model before choosing the Revenue Share payment model for the affiliate program online casino.

2) CPA – CPA/cost-per-action model or CPA model is the second best payment method for affiliates after revenue sharing model. This model depends on the number of users performing an action. In the case of the online casino, this payment method is used to pay the affiliates when the players brought in by those affiliates either register on the casino website or make their first deposit.

Sometimes casinos that follow the takeover cost model have flexible payments for registrations or for downloads. But there are also some casinos where advertisers pay for new regular players. Therefore, if the main player leaves after making the first deposit, these online casinos do not pay their affiliates, which leads to a huge loss for the affiliates.

3) Hybrid As the name suggests, the hybrid form is a combination of the CPA form and the Revenue Share form. By following this method, the online casino pays an affiliate a one-time payment for the deposits made by the player brought in by those affiliates. Affiliates also receive payments for each subsequent amount deposited by these players. Moreover, if the affiliate can bring in more new good players, the commission fee percentage may increase with this mixed payment model.

Some online casinos use only one of these payment models to make payments to their affiliates, while others use a combination of these forms to pay for their affiliates. Payment models sometimes depend on the different affiliate programs operated by casinos which may impose certain restrictions on the payment models, which again may be unfavorable to the type of marketing services offered by the affiliate. Therefore, all affiliates, before starting any casino affiliate programs, should read the casinos terms and conditions carefully. They should also consider things like negative balance carry-over or dam schemes. Most importantly, it must be remembered that not all casino affiliate programs are suitable for all affiliates.

How do casinos promote affiliates?

Creating and promoting a successful gambling affiliate program requires thinking about some helpful steps. Casinos should choose an affiliate program that has the potential to stand out among other similar affiliate programs. Before creating an affiliate program, casinos should make sure that they have the basic tools to administer the program at their best. To manage the affiliate, software casinos can use either an end-to-end cloud-based solution or create their own in-house management platforms, whichever best suits the casino’s operations.

The next step is to choose an effective payment method for paying affiliates, which could be CPA, Profit Sharing, or a hybrid model. The best way to encourage affiliate marketers to perform their operations more effectively is to reward the affiliate with various promotional materials. Alternatively, some casinos list a series of recommendations for affiliates to encourage them to create their own strategies for their brands.

These are some of the basics that online casinos should take into consideration before choosing an online casino affiliate program for their brands. Moreover, it must be remembered that the reputation of casino brands and recognition among their players plays a dominant role in the success of the casino business.

2021 casino affiliate programs

Some of the best casino affiliate programs of 2021 are listed below:

1) PlayAmo – PlayAmo is one of the fast growing affiliates that was founded in 2015 and has partnered with over 1000 casinos and has already driven millions of players to those casinos. There are no negative postings, and payments are made on the first day of every month.

2) 1xbet – It is an excellent casino and betting site, also known for its great affiliate program. It partners with more than 20,000 casinos from all over the world which can generate up to 25% referrals for other customers.

3) Betsson casino affiliates – Betsson is a very popular name in the casino industry that has been in the gambling business for more than 50 years now. There are dozens of live casino games, table games or classic picks, so players get quite a few gambling options at Betsson. This affiliate program runs on the Revenue Share model, but affiliates also have the option to get paid. Furthermore, there is no passive relaying, and referral programs are based on lifetime deals, which means affiliates will continue to receive income from any player referred to their brands, as long as they play (provided the player account is linked to the affiliate ID).

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Thus, affiliate casino marketing can give a whole new perspective to the online gambling business. The performance-based approach of the online casino affiliate program protects the casinos from any significant risks whatsoever and brings them good clients, thus ensuring a positive return on investment (ROI). A large set of web traffic increases trust and recognition for online gambling brands. All these benefits come with minimal effort on the part of the online casinos, as they are only required to choose the best casino affiliate program that can guarantee the quality of the affiliates. Monitoring the results using a reliable management team is also part of the casino’s responsibilities, which will help in expanding its network beyond a certain jurisdiction.

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