Big 12 Affiliates Commended on NWCA Mid-Major Top 20 Poll

Big 12 Affiliates Commended on NWCA Mid-Major Top 20 Poll
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Irving, Texas – The National Association of Wrestling Coaches has released the first major average survey of the top 20 of the season, which focuses on programs outside of traditional self-governing conventions.

Six of the top 12 affiliates earned merit with South Dakota and North Dakota in the top five.

Joining No. 3 Jackrabbits and No. 4 Bison in the top ten by Wyoming at No. 6 and Northern Iowa at No. 8. No. 14, Utah Valley and No. 15 Northern Colorado rounded out the conference picks.

SDSU is also ranked in the NWCA Coaches Poll, which includes Independent League schools, which ranked 24th while NDSU, Wyoming and Northern Iowa are among the vote holders. The Jackrabbits are joined by four other members of the 12 in the NWCA Coach Poll at No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 9 Missouri, No. 11 Iowa and No. 18 Oklahoma. No fewer than five top 12 teams have been ranked each week of the 2021-22 season so far.

NWCA Mid-Major Division I Top 20

1. Lehigh

2 – Cornell

3. South Dakota

4. North Dakota

5. Campbell

6. Wyoming

7. Princeton

8. Northern Iowa

9. Buffalo

10. Central Michigan

T11. Clarion

T11. Ohio

13. Ben

14. Utah Valley

15. Northern Colorado

16. Appalachian State

17. Northern Illinois

18. Cal Poly

19. Bucknell

20. Luke Haven

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