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Bring theater-quality audio into your home with $100 off these Samsung wireless rear speakers

Bring theater-quality audio into your home with $100 off these Samsung wireless rear speakers
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Soundbars have become the home audio answer for those who want crisp, clear sound, but don’t want to crowd their rooms with a fleet of bulky speakers. While the speakers do a surprisingly comprehensive job of reproducing the music and sound from your favorite TV shows and movies with remarkable weight and power, there’s only so much a small tape can do to replicate a full theater-quality audio performance.

Like how even with just a few small speakers packed into a bar, it couldn’t replicate the lush full surround sound effect from a well-placed multi-speaker array. However, the Samsung SWA9500 wireless rear speaker set with Dolby Atmos technology is a happy medium between the single-unit approach and the ubiquitous speakers.

This compact duo is designed to work in perfect tandem with all Samsung speakers equipped with Dolby Atmos technology. It can be placed discreetly beside or behind sofas or chairs to provide dynamic background sound that envelops listeners just as if they were sitting in a luxury movie theatre. Each can be wall-mounted for a seamless look in any home theater setup.

While the speakers direct the singing and dialogue, these speakers use Dolby Atmos technology to create an almost bubble-like effect around viewers. With sound and music placed in a nearly 3D space, listeners experience a truly immersive audio scene happening all around them.

Best of all, both units are completely wireless, and WiFi connect to the amplifier to deliver cinematic surround sound for more dynamic entertainment without cluttering the room with wires and other connectors. No separate units – simply turn on the speaker and ride the sound waves to enrich your viewing and listening enjoyment.

The Samsung SWA9500 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit with Dolby Atmos is regularly priced at $299, but with the current deal, shoppers can save over $100 and get this pair to build their existing listening at home for just $199.97.

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