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China Eastern Airlines Launches Eastern Miles

China Eastern Airlines
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China Eastern Airlines announced its new membership system, which is the transition of the points collection framework from a “miles-based” system to a “revenue-based” system.

The globally released “Eastern Miles” membership system includes these five features as a brand new membership upgrade, a completely new points accumulation system, a completely new points exchange method, a completely new product series and a completely new service platform.

The launch will be dedicated to creating a new customer-centric service platform and enabling more partners across borders and across industry to enter the aviation value chain.

The new membership system has made nice adjustments to members’ points and point validity, covering issues that travelers care about the most. In the new ‘revenue-based’ system, members’ points will be linked to the flight ticket price, and mileage points can be calculated by matching with the member’s grade coefficient.

For passengers, the number of flights and distance is no longer the only way to renew and upgrade membership.

The shelf life will be extended from the original three years to long-term “effective recycling”, and will only be valid and cleared after it has been consecutively dormant for more than 36 months. During this period, as long as Eastern Miles members collect their points through their travels, or use them for redemption and consumption, they can be sure that their points are always valid, and they have no fear of being “cleared before expiration.”

In recent years, China Eastern Airlines has brought huge surprises to the public and its members with its aviation product innovations, such as “Fly At Will” from last year.

Relying on big data mining and analysis, China Eastern Airlines studies passengers’ travel habits and makes continuous efforts in the hope of enriching travel scenes and providing more accurate services.

With the advent of the new loyalty program, more good news about the travel experience is coming. for travelers, High speed wifi in the air and newly Promoted to eat on board It’s really something to look forward to.

as members of Sky Team, China Eastern members can enjoy premium service from 19 member airlines.


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