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City of Athens Named IAPCO Destination Partner

City of Athens
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The International Association of Professional Conference Organizers (IAPCO) has announced that the organization is collaborating with the City of Athens through the new destination partnership completed during IBTM World 2021.

earlier in the day, IAPCO President Uri Lahav And Martin Boyle, CEO of IAPCO join Vagelis Vlachos, CEO of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA), to sign a two-year corporate partnership agreement while visiting the This is Athens IBTM booth.

as administrator IAPCO Destination PartnerThe City of Athens will enhance its relations with the international community of professional conference organizers through the highly accredited IAPCO network of PCO members. ADDMA will enhance its international brand, Athena, to showcase the city’s dynamic growth. Athens has emerged over the past several years as a sustainable, socially conscious and highly rated destination for meetings and events.

Martin Boyle, CEO of IAPCOHe said: “At IAEPCO, we believe in long-term partnerships that are in line with our mission to raise service standards in the meeting industry through continuous education and interaction with other professionals. Having collaborated with many stakeholders in the meeting industry in Athens through individual projects, it is It makes sense that we are now fostering a more strategic and long-term partnership. As an IAPCO destination partner, Athens is now enabling us to do so, and we are very much looking forward to facilitating mutually beneficial engagement across our communities.”

Vagelis Flachus, CEO of ADDMAHe added, “This is an important milestone in the implementation of the city’s strategy, not only to promote Athens but to improve the quality of life and sustainability for our residents. The meetings industry will play a vital role in these efforts. That is why we are working hard to make Athens among the top 10 meeting destinations in Europe over the next two years.” Through our collaboration with IAEPCO, we have a great opportunity to showcase the new face of Athens, its specialized infrastructure and unique forward-thinking heritage.”

ADDMA is a public company owned by the City of Athens that supports the city’s mission in tourism, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Athens is IAPCO’s eighth partner destination, along with Dubai, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Japan, Melbourne, Rwanda and Toronto.

IAPCO (International Association of Professional Conference Organizers) is the leading international accrediting association for professional conference organizers. Its mission is to raise service standards among member organizations and other sectors of the meeting industry through continuing education, communication and support.

Today, IAPCO represents 138 members consisting of more than 10,200 professional conference organizers, meeting planners and managers for international and national conferences, conferences and special events from 40 countries.


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