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CompTrain Offering Affiliate Program for Free

CompTrain Offering Affiliate Program for Free
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CompTrain takes its sports software and makes it more inclusive for affiliate marketers by removing the price. The online training program that has been developed over the past four years eliminates the $39.99 per month affiliate fee and provides the same programming materials for free.

the details: For affiliates with CompTrain Gym’s paid program, expect all the same amenities you used to see on SugarWOD, but now they’ll be free for existing and new gyms that sign up.

  • The program offers affiliates Develop classroom programming and coaching to run an effective one-hour class at CrossFit.
  • Includes schedule, exercise brief, class logistics, General and special warm-ups, daily focus and strategy.
  • If you still have members who have not returned For a workout in the gym, they also offer home workouts and equipment-free options.
  • To help explain certain movements, You will have access to a complete video library.

One big thing: Going from a $40 membership to a free membership is a loss of CompTrain revenue. But the question is how much of an impact it will have. They won’t provide details on how many gyms they currently sign up for in affiliate programming, but here are a few breakdowns of numbers for other reputable programs to add relevance.

  • CAP, CrossFit’s new partnership program, 1,790 affiliates had to sign up just 24 hours after launch.
  • While the program is currently free During the year, by 2022, it is expected to cost $150 per month.
  • That’s $268,500 in monthly recurring revenue If all 1,790 associates remain in the program, that’s more than $3.2 million annually.
  • Another popular training program, Owned by former CrossFit athlete Jason Khalipa, NCFIT charges $149 a month from programming affiliates, so similar math can be done to calculate their revenue. significant impact on their income.

Read between the linesCompTrain may not have nearly 1,800 affiliates tracking its program which could result in a loss of more than $3 million annually. But regardless of the numbers, CompTrain owner and head coach Ben Bergeron said making the affiliate program free for gyms wasn’t a decision driven by dollar signs.

  • “We are not interested in getting a bigger piece of the pie, We want to make the pie bigger. “We feel, as we all get better, as we all grow, and as we all get better, there is a carryover effect across the entire community,” Bergeron said.

Moving on to free programming: Back in March, CompTrain hired Denise Thomas, a seminar staff and CrossFit Level 4 coach, to take on the programming and programming of the CompTrain gym for CrossFit New England. They also hired Gina Sanders around the same time to take over the business. Together, Thomas and Sanders wanted to give more to society and began thinking more broadly about how to do it. In the end, they decided that switching to free programming for affiliate marketers was a great place to start.

why does it matter: With 80% of gyms reporting that they are still experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, finding respectable and affordable class programs can be challenging. With a well-known program like CompTrain Now for Free, affiliates can be confident that they are getting a first-class program for their members while saving costs at the same time.

  • By making CompTrain Gym free, We try to do our little part to help the gym owners; “They lead incredibly busy lives, and we hope that will allow them to focus on giving their members the best hour of their day,” said CompTrain CEO Pete Rooney.

Bottom line: Moving from paid programming to a free CompTrain Gym will make gyms a valuable and time-saving resource at no cost to them. By providing useful and professional resources to gyms, CompTrain can help funds train more members effectively without the financial burden that it can impose on affiliates.

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