CrossFit Affiliates Weigh in on Firing of Dave Castro

CrossFit Affiliates Weigh in on Firing of Dave Castro
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Less than a week ago, Dave Castro was abruptly relinquished as CrossFit’s general director of sport – a position Castro has only managed since the Games began 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve seen many people within the CrossFit community talking about the news, most of them, disagreeing with CEO Eric Roza’s decision.

One big thing: As CrossFit Home Office looks to post another year of growth after acquiring nearly 1,400 subsidiaries in 2021, Castro’s dismissal is unlikely to have a significant direct impact on the majority of subsidiaries. However – for those who host high-profile athletes, longtime L1 seminar staff and affiliates, they also want answers.

what are they saying:

  • “I was very shocked and a little upset. Jason Lydon, Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Milford said:
  • Lydon has trained more than 30 athletes in games With over nine players on the podium, he’s seen the direct impact of Castro’s programs on athletes over the years.
  • “I’ve been in games since my farm days, Early days in Carson and now in Madison. I have always enjoyed Dave, the trainings, the programming, the tests, and his dedication to finding the fittest.”
  • “Not having Dave there would be a change, As for what side the change will be like, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s hard not to know the details of why. I hope the plan they think is right is one that will keep CrossFit and CrossFit games on the right track, but at the moment it’s hard to see without him being involved,” Lydon concluded.

Justin Peterson, co-owner of CrossFit Green Bay, has also been in the CrossFit space for some time. He started CrossFit in 2011, participated in the Open and Regionals and even qualified as a team at the Games in 2014.

  • It was a unique experience to watch the programming change and development over the past decade. Dave has always been trying to find new challenges to fitness testing and I have been surprised many times by what he has come up with. It’s certainly uncertain where the programming flow will go in terms of mathematician style preference, and I think some mathematicians will miss that “Castro Flair” madness with which Dave was exceptionally good, Peterson said.
  • While he doesn’t think expelling Castro will affect his members Who gets to play alone in the World Open – it’s the next stages where the uncertainty lies.
  • “None of us think this will change the everyday atmosphere of our gym Or even how we handle the Open, but many athletes at the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and games level are wondering how the programming stages of the competition will be affected… We hope that Justin Berg embodies the essence of Dave, but also brings a new taste of creativity to our athletes. Peterson concluded that a new eye never hurts.

Andrew Essig opened CrossFit Gambit in 2009 and sent athletes to the games. Essig says that when Eric Rosa took over as CEO, he feared HQ would “clean the house” as many companies do. But then, expelling Castro more than a year later, he wonders if this will now happen to other OGs.

  • Now, with this news and without explanation, It’s hard not to think about the “clean house” mindset again. Dave may not be everyone’s favorite, but he built the open tournament and games. “It deserves more than just a casual shootout,” Isig said.
  • Essign does not appear to oppose the decision For CrossFit to move in another direction, instead, he’d like to see some sort of explanation as to where that decision came from.
  • “Dave is irreplaceable, But I always imagined we would see a change of guard. I’ve met the guys who run the HAM Plan/CAP and they are perfectly capable of running the show. But we don’t even know who’s doing the programming. Will the new Game Manager take over this job? “We know absolutely nothing now,” Isig concluded.
  • As for the open season. Essig doesn’t think Castro’s absence will affect his affiliate members – he doesn’t yet know how.
  • “Of course this will affect the World Open, and I just hope it will be in a positive way. The Open Championship was not perfect at all, I didn’t like every event but that’s the beauty of it. Dave really understands how to challenge people and innovate while continuing to get the best through the next phase,”

Bottom line: While Castro’s firing may not affect affiliate growth or the day-to-day structure, it’s more of a sense of the direction CrossFit HQ is headed. Nobody really knows whether the decision to dismiss Castro was good or bad for the sport – but athletes, affiliates and community members want to know why and what’s next.
“I don’t think this is the method any of the longtime affiliate owners have been using She imagined or wanted it to happen. For now, this seems like a wrong move but time will tell. The community around CrossFit has been through a lot over the past two years and we can use some positive changes and communication,” Essig concluded.

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