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CrossFit HQ to Launch Affiliate Programming and Development Service, CAP

CrossFit HQ to Launch Affiliate Programming and Development Service, CAP
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On June 29, 2021, CrossFit Home Office announced the launch of CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP). According to CrossFit’s press release, the service will provide CrossFit affiliates access to “written materials, graphics, and more than 60 videos per month” starting July 6, 2021. They will be Free for any interested affiliate until December 31, 2021 and is optional. CAP was developed by CrossFit Games athletes and HAM Plan founders Austin Maliulu, James Hobart, Spencer Hendel and Travis Herbanek.

Malleolo, Hobart, and Hendel have 24 combined matches in CrossFit games as singles players and teams. Hobart is a two-time CrossFit Games Team Champion (2015-16) with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. Malleolo and Hendel were teammates on the Reebok CrossFit One and placed fifth and twelfth respectively in 2017 and 2018. Together they have trained more than 20,000 CrossFit coaches, and the programming they developed for their HAM (training service) plan will “accelerate the launch of CAP.”

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CrossFit Affiliate Programming

Here’s what affiliates can expect to get out of CAP:

  • Daily Class Plans – Exclusive plans and training videos from the seminar staff at CrossFit.
  • At home and travel exercises – Available daily only for affiliate members.
  • Preload on leading platforms – SugarWOD, more to be announced later.
  • CrossFit Team Members Access – Dedicated support via email and phone.
  • Monthly goals – Focus areas and options to help members target their weaknesses.
  • continuous improvement – CAP intends to improve over time based on feedback from affiliates.

Affiliates that choose to join the CAP program will still be able to use their own software or get programming elsewhere. CAP is an option available to affiliates, not a requirement.

According to CrossFit Owner and CEO Eric Roza, “Trained exercise is the most important and distinctive feature of CrossFit.” Rosa emphasized that implementing CAP will allow affiliates to expand their community within CrossFit – all affiliates using CAP will receive 20 hours of the same programming per month no matter where they are located globally.

Additionally, in terms of coaching, Malleolo believes that better coaching leads to greater member satisfaction and retention:

“Because CAP is only available to CrossFit affiliates, it will help drive continuous improvement in the quality of training across CrossFit gyms and will be a significant differentiating factor for potential members as opposed to non-CrossFit facilities.”

Affiliate Programs

CAP is one of several affiliate-focused programs by CrossFit to launch recently. The OnRamp program, which teaches anyone the basics of CrossFit from home in a 12-lesson, self-paced course, recently entered its beta phase. It is expected to expand into the US later in 2021 and become an additional way for affiliates to gain new members. Prior to OnRamp, CrossFit also took steps to improve its communications and feedback with affiliates through the Affiliate Representative Program, announced in June 2020.

CrossFit affiliates interested in registering for a CAP can do so via CAP for affiliates will roll out “in good standing” on July 6, 2021, and expand to non-English languages ​​on a date to be determined in the last quarter of 2021. Per CrossFit, “price starting January 1, 2022, to be completed and announced during the period trial, but expected to be $150 a month.”

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