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digidip and Yieldkit together ignite new stage in Affiliate Marketing

digidip and Yieldkit together ignite new stage in Affiliate Marketing
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The duo Digidip and Yieldkit together generated €2.4 billion in global e-commerce revenue for advertisers in 2020. The duo is already the market leader in Europe And among the top three in United States of America.

“We are really excited to welcome digidip, the market leader in content monetization for premium publishers, to the group. Digidip is one of the few companies of Germany This is also among the best players in the affiliate market, especially in United States of AmericaAnd Great Britain and France” Daniel Neuhaus, CEO of Yieldkit and YK Group. “The integration of our areas of expertise is a real milestone for us and will contribute to our goal of becoming the world’s number one provider of commercial content, an increasingly important topic for publishers.”

Yieldkit is a technology content monetization platform that specializes in commercial content, affiliate marketing, and performance. Bridging the gap between content and commerce, the company connects 5,000 publishers and 72 networks with 50,000 advertisers in more than 160 countries. Matching is done using integrated solutions with machine learning for contextual and semantic targeting. Furthermore, five APIs support any publisher who wants more flexibility and custom integrations.

Sabrina SpielbergerDigidip, Founder and CEO: “We are delighted to have found a technology-robust partner in Yieldkit that shares our vision to consistently provide publishers with innovative, intelligent tools that will take monetization and analytics to the next level. Using the combination of expertise and power of both technologies will enable them to achieve much higher conversions and decision-making. Better about their content.”

Sabrina Spielberger Digidip was founded in Berlin Established in 2013. Affiliate marketing company specializes in content and performance analysis and offers technology products to monetize content, particularly in the premium publisher segment. More than 100 networks serving more than 40,000 advertisers worldwide are connected to the profile network. Every day, digidip refers more than four million users from posting offers to online stores. digidip is active in 40 countries around the world; It includes the most important markets United States of AmericaAnd GermanyAnd Great Britain and France.

Doctor. Karsten Ralphs, Managing Partner, Waterland: “Participation in digidip is an important step that not only cements our Yieldkit group of companies’ position as a leading performance technology and affiliate marketing platform, but also aims to drive further growth for the group. The partnership with digidip represents the first significant milestone in our joint buy-and-build strategy, We are confident that we will further advance our target of market leadership with more acquisitions this year.”

About Yieldkit:
Yieldkit is a performance and affiliate marketing technology platform that unites content and commerce, now connecting 5,000 publishers and 50,000 advertisers together worldwide. Yieldkit uses matching machine learning technology that analyzes the text-based content of publishers in order to associate specific terms and keywords approved by the publisher with advertised e-commerce offerings and services. Publishers can better monetize their content, while advertisers benefit from high-performance native text links. Yieldkit was founded in Hamburg in 2009 Oliver Crone, who remains a shareholder along with the CEO Daniel NeuhausInvestor Lars Henriks The Waterland is private property. depends on HamburgYieldkit currently has 35 employees.

About Digidip:
Digidip is a leading global content and performance analytics network and a market leader in premium content monetization. The publishers affiliate’s meta-network gives access to the most important networks and advertisers around the world with a focus on United States of AmericaAnd Germany, And Great Britain. Using its own technology, digidip breaks through the complexities involved in dealing with the thousands of brands, different technologies, and many advertising formats that are part of performance marketing. The company was founded by Sabrina Spielberger in a Berlin in 2013 and has since won several awards in the startup scene, including 9th place in the Startup scene growth orderThe first place in the information technology, Internet, software and services sector in Business Growth Champions Focusand 34th place in the “FT 1000” category: Europe The fastest growing companies.”

About Waterland:
Waterland is an independent private investment group that supports companies in achieving their growth ambitions. With significant financial resources and industry expertise, Waterland enables its portfolio companies to achieve accelerated growth both organically and through acquisitions. Waterland has offices in Holland (possum), Belgium (Antwerp), France Paris)And Germany (Hamburg And Munich), Poland (Warsaw), United kingdom (Manchester), Ireland (Dublin), Denmark (Copenhagen), And Switzerland (Zurich), and currently manages more than eight billion euros the financial value. Since its establishment in 1999, Waterland has consistently achieved above-average investment performance through its investments. Globally, Waterland ranks fourth in the HEC/Dow Jones (HEC/Dow Jones) private equity performance rating.December 2019It also ranked eighth in the Preqin Consistent Performance List in the Global Private Equity and Venture Capital Report among global private equity firms. In addition, Real Deals awarded Waterland the title of “Pan-European Home of the Year 2020”.

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