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eBay Sums Up Changes to Affiliate Marketing

eBay Sums Up Changes to Affiliate Marketing
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The head of eBay’s affiliate marketing program outlined the company’s changes to the program in 2020 in a letter to members. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, ePN has had a busy and successful year, said Michael Leal, director of the eBay Partner Network (ePN).

“We made significant improvements to our built-in software when we launched our new platform in 2019,” Lyle said, listing some of the improvements for 2020 as follows:

  • Faster reporting, reducing partner earnings reporting interval from 48 hours to 5-10 hours;
  • New and simplified global price tag;
  • A new, modern data feed platform with automated access, faster downloads, larger feed files, and new fields such as shipping details and global trade item numbers;
  • Improved link generator with URL shortener and QR code options;
  • A new and improved Sales & Events tool, to help you easily find the most relevant sales events and deals;
  • New Deals API, allowing you to search and redeem details of eBay deals and events.

However, eBay has made some changes that were not popular with some affiliates.

Another change in 2020: eBay has given sellers an incentive to sign up for the program – Effective June 15, sellers registered with ePN receive commission-free sales when buyers purchase through an affiliate seller link.

eBay description of benefits in a nutshell: “For US sellers who sign up for the eBay Partner Network, you can get 100% credit of the Final Value Fee when you bring a customer to eBay who purchases one of your listings within 24 hours. You also earn a commission when a customer you bring makes an eligible purchase. From a different seller in the same time frame.”

It’s a little surprising not to see eBay promoting the ePN affiliate program for sellers more – we’d love to hear from sellers about their experiences.

In the post, ePN Director Lill thanked the members for their participation in the program and wished them a New Year, writing, “Our team is just getting started. We have many more exciting improvements planned for 2021, so stay tuned for that!”

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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