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Ecomobi marks the brilliant milestones, becoming the leading affiliate platform in Southeast Asia

Ecomobi marks the brilliant milestones, becoming the leading affiliate platform in Southeast Asia
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Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamAnd January 6 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Facing severe economic crisis due to Corona virus disease-19 pandemic, Ecomobi is a prominent startup in the affiliate market named “Golden Table” with incredible achievements: over 17 million successful orders, total GMV is 170 million US dollars In 2021, GMV reaches Indonesia alone 42 million US dollars While Thailand up market 45 million US dollars. Also this year, social selling platform Ecomobi welcomed the entry of 89,000 new content creators across 5 countries in Southeast Asia. in which, Indonesia With 25,000 new creators and Thailand reached 27000.

CEO Trong Kong Thanh (center) with the core team of the Ecomobi social selling platform

Affiliate marketing is defined as a form of marketing based on competence. Affiliate marketing is a process in which an affiliate/content creator (KOL/KOC) promotes a business’s products and services through social modes Like Facebook / Instagram / tik tok etc., and get commission if the affiliate makes a sale or conversion like clicking on a product link. With Ecomobi Affiliate Program, KOL, Influencer can easily generate passive income by creating qualified creative content to attract followers.

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Strong growth in the midst Corona virus disease-19 pandemic

the Corona virus diseaseThe pandemic has disrupted 19 distribution channels and offline retail business. In order to “survive”, companies must adapt flexibly, prioritize online purchasing activities, and intensify marketing promotion on the e-commerce platform. With wide influence and ability to persuade consumers to buy, content creators (KOL, KOC) have become the potential selling partners of all businesses in this era On all social media platforms from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to TikTok.

Ecomobi has an ecosystem of more than 2,000 brand partners across Southeast Asia With more than 90 million products, various campaigns and attractive commissions. We deliver the highest value for KOL and KOC in the market with our innovative technology platform, automated catering and modern business model. Ecomobi’s direction for content creators is to lead them to become brand ambassadors. Just in the last three months of 2021, the Ecomobi social selling platform system received more than 12,000 new registrations from Indonesia More than 13,000 new registrations from Thai Land, which represents nearly 50% of the total number of new registrations in Ecomobi in Southeast Asia (51,000 times)And Double the growth compared to the third quarter of 2021 and seven times higher than the first half of 2021, “ Mr. Trung Kong Thanh – Co-CEO of Ecomobi.

Mr. Trung Kong Thanh - CEO of the social selling platform Ecomobi

Mr. Trung Kong Thanh – CEO of the social selling platform Ecomobi

The fourth quarter of 2021 also witnessed many records in terms of the number of sales and broken orders continuously. More than 142 million visits to the Ecomobi website, over 5.9 million requests and 60 million US dollars in revenue. The last month of 2021 is also the first month that Ecomobi surpassed the milestone of over 2.2 million orders in just 30 days. This is a very important milestone, confirming the strong growth of the leading affiliate platform for creator communities in Southeast Asia.

Forge ahead on a new journey in 2022 with cutting edge technologies

The wonderful year of 2021 is over, promising 2022 with new achievements. Share about the plan in 2022, CEO of Ecomobi – Mr. Trung Kong Thanh He said, “In 2022, Ecomobi will launch a completely new technology platform. This platform not only supports KOL and KOC to increase income from affiliate marketing, or receive booking from brands, etc. But it also opens up other ways to make money online from their followers on social networks. Ecomobi’s mission is to help content creators realize their limitless potential, monetizing each person’s passion and strengths.”

In the near future, Ecomobi will focus on developing other potential e-commerce markets such as IndonesiaAnd Thailand And Filipinosand developing KOL and KOC Networks in the role of social seller of the brand. The brand will be a springboard to help Ecomobi reach new milestones. In the new year 2022, Ecomobi will also focus on investing in quality human resources in each market so that content creators can get the best support and training.

the Corona virus diseaseThe pandemic has dealt 19 a major blow, causing many startups to “get out of the game.” Knowing how to seize opportunities and convert at the right time is the factor that helps Ecomobi social selling platform become a bright spot on the startup map with an impressive growth rate.

The goal is in 2022, the Ecomobi social selling platform will be able to automatically serve over 150,000 KOLs and KOCs worldwide Southeast Asia Based on powerful technology platform and new business model coming soon.

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