Energistics Becomes an Affiliate of The Open Group® Following Completion of Governance Transition

Energistics Becomes an Affiliate of The Open Group® Following Completion of Governance Transition
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San Francisco–(work wire) – Effective January 1, Energistics Consortium, Inc. Now an affiliate of The Open Group®, a global consortium that enables business goals to be achieved through technology standards. Energistics remains a separate entity, with the open group taking control of energy operations, in a move that will enable wider community access, more efficient collaboration, and the development of stronger standards in line with the global energy transition.

Having proudly served the industry for over thirty years, Energistics is also a long-term member of The Open Group OSDU™ Forum, and in October 2018 became the first non-operator to be invited to join the Forum. WITSML file, RESQML, PRODMLETP standards have become global in the industry and constitute an important component of the OSDU data platform.

Development will continue in Energy Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to ensure standards remain a vital part of the energy community. Most recently, the Energistics Transfer Protocol v1.2 was released in September 2021, and a standardized filter release for new versions of RESEQML, PRODML and WITSML was made available in December 2021.

This work will support both the broader industry and the ongoing development of the OSDU data platform and standards for analyzing legacy ground energy data as well as new energy data from wind, geothermal, hydrogen, photovoltaic sources, and carbon capture, utilization and storage data sources.

said Ross Filo, CEO of the energy company. “We are also especially grateful to our operational staff, who have served the industry with great dedication. They have ensured a smooth transition for our members, and we wish them all the best on their next adventure.”

Today’s governance transition reflects the significant overlap between Energistics and the Open Group OSDU Forum, as 42 of the forum’s current 220 members are also Energistics members. While retaining its own board of directors, Energistics’ work will now be overseen by members of both organizations along with the Open Group itself.

“The relationship between Energistics and The Open Group has been a long and fruitful one, and this is the right next step for our organizations,” adds Steve Nunn, CEO and President of The Open Group. “Bringing the knowledge and capabilities of the Open Group OSDU Forum and Energistics SIGs together means that we will continue to lead responsibility in data exchange standards for industry, while also opening doors to a broader community for both organizations. We are committed to ensuring energy standards continue to evolve and thrive and enable the interdisciplinary integration of industry data. “.

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Energistics is the leading data standards body for the upstream oil and gas industry. We are a global, not-for-profit consortium created more than 30 years ago to bring together industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative environment to develop and publish open data exchange standards and address the challenges of oil and gas information sharing. Our members consist of international and nationalized oil companies, oilfield service companies, hardware and software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies, and the global standards user community. For more information, visit our website at

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