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Final Fantasy XIV Data Center Expansion Plans Detailed

Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida has announced details of upcoming expansions of the game’s loaded data centers, as well as the soon-to-open Oceania Center, as well as the resumption of new sales of Final Fantasy XIV. Here are the highlights, but Lodestone’s full post is here if you want to read it.

1) Oceania Data Center

  • The Oceania data center will launch on January 25, with five worlds. (The original plan was to start with three, and add two later, but they adjusted plans in light of demand.)
  • Since these will be “new” worlds, the global home transfer fee will be waived for players who move into them.

2) Resumption of global home transfer service

  • Home World Transfer service will resume on January 26, the day after the launch of the Oceania Data Center.
  • The service will be available to all players, not just those who want to move to the new data center.

3) Details of the travel system in the data center

  • Data Center Travel will be implemented in patch 6.1x. (That is, not the actual 6.1 content patch, but in a smaller patch after that.)
  • Players will be able to visit worlds in the same geographical area. This means that players in European, Japanese or Oceanian data centers will not be able to visit North American data centers, for example.
  • Travel across regions is contemplated in the future, depending on the potential impact on the game’s economy.
  • Data Center Travel will work Before logging in, instead of an in-game Aetheryte crystal. This means that adding travel to the data center will not have a significant impact on waiting times in the task queue, as you will only be queued in the task finder with people in the same data center as you.
  • “Compared to the global visitation system that we already implement, the data center travel system will be subject to more restrictions for those functions that are managed for each logical data center, such as free corporate chat and links across the world.” (We’re not entirely sure what this means yet, but our best guess is that you won’t be able to use the in-game chat to talk to your free company or any links in another data center while using the system.)

4) Expansion of existing data centers

  • Japanese data centers:
    • Since Japanese data centers currently house a large number of worlds in each of them, the system is currently not equipped to handle the expansion necessary to accommodate further spikes in player numbers. The team is adding an additional data center to Japan, but it will redistribute existing worlds among the four data centers rather than immediately adding new data centers. It is estimated that this will allow an additional 50,000 players to log in simultaneously, and is scheduled for July 2022.
  • North American data centers:
    • The North American data center expansion is currently scheduled in two phases. The first phase is scheduled to begin in August 2022, and an all-new data center will be built in North America with four new worlds. The second stage will later add four additional worlds.
    • The team is currently discussing another expansion happening around the release of Patch 7.0. (We imagine that would be around November 2023.)
  • European data centers:
    • European data centers will also be expanded in two phases. The first phase is scheduled for July 2022, and will add two new worlds to every existing data center. The second phase is expected to come in the summer of 2023, and will add an additional data center with eight new worlds.
    • The European team is looking for a physical space for a fourth European data center, which will also be launched around Patch 7.0

5) Resume new sales

  • After consideration by the team of the impact on the existing community, . digital sales Final Fantasy XIV It will resume on January 25. This is intended to help fill the new Oceania data center and will hopefully have a slight impact on current wait times, as the average peak population has fallen now that players have had the opportunity to complete it Endwalker. If deemed necessary, the FFXIV The team is ready to re-suspend title sales.

And that’s it! A lot of it is future news, but it’s exciting that we’re already looking so forward. The next message from the producer is live! It will most likely drop at the end of February, so hopefully we will have specific information on Patch 6.1 at that time.

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