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Forget about hygge. Now it’s all about uitwaaien.

Forget about hygge. Now it's all about uitwaaien.
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Back in 2015, everything was fine Hazar, a Danish concept described by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a quality of comfort and relaxed friendliness which generates a feeling of comfort or well-being.” Now, there is a new Dutch word appearing in the US: Breathe the fresh air (OUT-vwy-ehn), according to The Washington Post “literally translates as ‘blowing out’ but perhaps better understood as ‘walking in the wind’.” Usually used as a noun, it describes the act of doing some kind of outdoor physical activity in circumstances wind”.

From the Washington Post/GMT:

“It’s an old saying: ‘I should get a uitwaaien.’ I should clear my head and get away from the distractions,” Ari Bomsma, owner of Vondelgym, a small chain of gyms in the Netherlands, said in April, posting “10,000 Stappen.” Boek” (“10,000 Step Book”), a guide that takes care of uitwaaien ideas of 30 walkers, nearly 10,000 steps each, Fitbit’s magic number, through urban and rural areas across the country.” During the pandemic, going out has become a thing What, get some fresh air. Not much is allowed except for walking, running and cycling. People have given a whole new meaning to this term. Now it’s urgent.”

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