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Former Ozarks principal, teacher becomes online shopping influencer

Joelyn Travis, pictured here with her dog Truman, is the co-owner of Leave It On The Porsche.
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For 26 years, Joellyn Travis has influenced children in the Ozarks as a teacher.

Today, she is an Internet influencer.

It’s been a complete career transformation, but she’s having a blast.

In June 2019, Travis founded the Facebook group and affiliate shopping website Leave It On The Porsche.

The name came from the fact that delivery drivers often leave parcels on the balcony.

For one year before its launch, Travis researched affiliate marketing – those are websites that post deals from other sites, like Amazon, and if you click on a deal and order something, the site owner gets a cut.

At the time, she was the principal of Truman Elementary School in Springfield. Travis served as a manager there for nine years. I retired in July 2021.

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