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HIV and travel
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On this day focused on global health, the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association and its charity IGLTA stand up to support those living with HIV, and have released a new resource specifically for travelers living with HIV with a generous collaboration from Gilead.

The guide, “LGBTQ + Travel and HIV: Navigating the World Safely,” contains tips for pre-trip planning as well as practical advice to use upon arrival. Just as many countries offer additional considerations for LGBT travelers, many also require unique precautions for travelers living with HIV.

“We wanted to provide a resource that would be easy to follow and handle the travel process from start to finish,” he said. IGLTA President/CEO John Tanzilla.

“The guide takes travelers living with HIV through entry requirements, safety, packing medication, and staying healthy on the road — complete with a quick checklist to keep you on track for every trip.”

The guide also illustrates the intersection of countries that partially restrict entry for short-term travelers with HIV or deport HIV-positive foreigners with those with difficult laws for LGBT travelers. The guide was authored by Dan Allen, award-winning travel and culture journalist and longtime IGLTA member, drawing from a variety of global resources and interviews with medical professionals.

“A lot of the work that IGLTA does is done behind the scenes, such as providing education for the tourism industry or helping LGBTQ+ businesses,” he says, Scott Syed Co-Secretary to the IGLTAF Board of Directorswho led the research committee for this project.

“We really appreciate partnerships like this with Gilead that allow us to put valuable resources directly into the hands of our travel community.”

the HIV travel guide, along with over 30 country- and travel-specific safety guides can be found at


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