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Glenn Beck says he has Covid again, and this time it’s in his lungs

Glenn Beck says he has Covid again, and this time it's in his lungs
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Far-right radio host Glenn Beck, who once equated anti-vaccination opponents with Galileo, has come back to Covid — again. And this time it moved to his lungs.

He shared the Covid news with colleague Mark Levine, who, like many others, once left his home as Never Trumper only to mysteriously return as a pro-Trump doormat.

“I’m great, Mark. Despite having Covid and seeing the devastation of our country.”

“Do you have Covid now?” Levin asked.

“Yeah, it’s starting to get into my lungs today, and it’s a little annoying,” Beck said. “I’m taking all the medications and therapies and everything else, so.”

Beck explained that monoclonal therapy won’t work with the “new strain” but it’s filled with all kinds of other supplements and medications, including, of course, ivermectin.

While coughing, he told Levine he had had Covid for about a week. “I’m not stooped. I mean, I think I’m feeling better. It’s just getting into my lungs… You’ll want to avoid that.”

Then he gets rid of his illness aside. “Mark, I’m not worried about that,” he says. “I’m not really concerned about that.” “I’m totally done with this whole Covid thing. I know it’s real… I’m fat fat so this is probably not the best thing, and I have a few other issues.”

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