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How affiliate marketing may change in future as tech continues to advance

How affiliate marketing may change in future as tech continues to advance
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Technology is constantly changing, bringing some amazing advancements to our world. However, for every step forward that technology takes, affiliate marketing also leaps. Here are some of the ways we could see affiliate marketing change in the future as digital technology and AI opportunities continue to expand.

Zero Click Marketing & Visual Research

There are a lot of advances happening with technology in this digital field. With the advent of new technology, smartphones and voice-activated search are easily available, and this affects the way we search for and consume content and product information on the Internet.

It is believed that more than 50% of searches on Google are actually non-click searches, so affiliates and brand marketing strategies will need to adjust to meet these customer preferences. The same applies to the appearance of visual searches. People no longer only use keywords to find their favorite brands, products, or information, but they use images and screenshots to find information as well.

Affiliate marketers need to make sure that they monitor trends like these and make changes as they need to so that they are not left behind. For example, an innovation is ready to take ownership of the traffic in the field before others start competing for interest. Likewise, you need to ensure that your content is optimized for voice search queries. We are moving away from traditional text searches, and you need to set up your software.

To jump a little bit into the future for a moment, there are several innovations that could change the way we look even more. Inventors like Elon Musk study the neural functions of the brain to explore how to create a link between the human brain and a computer. This could dramatically change the way we search for content.

One day, we may use the displays in our eyes to browse the internet instead of a traditional screen setup. This will affect our lives in many ways, and it has the potential to change the way we interact with the digital world. With this, of course, will come the need to adapt marketing and other business practices.

Language Evolution

Of course, there is a possibility that some of the practices we currently use will be phased out in the coming years. Just look at the way keyword usage has evolved over the years. It is clearly still needed in 2020, but it is used quite differently than it was twenty years ago. New words are being developed to express feelings and emotions such as “iPhone” and “LOL” How we look for things that may change over time according to local language changes.

We may see similar patterns emerge with other aspects of SEO and PPC in the future. Transfers will be made with other tools and practices. Similarly, web development and application development are currently developing and this makes the landscape more competitive. Technology is advancing to track things in real time using smart contracts and blockchain technology. Little things like this can change the revenue structure and commission modules we currently use for affiliate programs. As these important aspects of affiliate marketing end up using them, we need to find something that can replace them instead.

Maintain privacy

With the launch of any major changes online, there is always a need to implement a new level of electronic privacy. New initiatives are already on the way and will affect the UK and EU alike, so any affiliates that operate across these types of regulated sectors will need to make sure they adapt to these changes.

The new electronic privacy regulation will cover not only personal data, but metadata as well. This may challenge some of the analytics that come with dealing with anonymized data as well as personal analytics. This is obviously very important for affiliate marketers to address, so managers need to make sure they fully understand and can implement any differences this can bring to their business. As we move into a world that is more and more online, it is extremely important that all affiliates and affiliate marketers do their part to keep customer data well protected.

In short, while for many of us, our lives may seem made easier through technology, for businesses, it will require us to keep pace with changes head-on and create systems and processes that can adapt to these fast-moving changes. Each new development will bring a set of new changes with it, and it is important for affiliate marketers to know how to change their business and marketing strategy to meet these demands.

Keep your eyes on the news, especially for technical news that could mean big changes in your industry. If you are able to get ahead of the competition when it comes to these developments, you will be in a much better position compared to other marketers.

Lee-Ann Johnstone is the CEO of Lee-Ann Johnstone.

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