How BJP affiliates were passed off as ‘common citizens’

How BJP affiliates were passed off as ‘common citizens’
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Mithlish, of course, is a BJP worker. After serving in the CRPF for 25 years, he retired two years ago and has been with the BJP since then. He is also working with Gyan Prakash Singh, a senior BJP leader who is expected to get a party ticket in the upcoming elections.

“I love Yogi and Modiji,” said Mithlish. news. They have made the whole country crime-free. So, after my retirement, I joined the BJP.”

About India being ‘crime-free’, we asked him about former MP and current fugitive Dhananjay Singh who was recently seen in Junpur. Mithlish declined to respond.

Mithlish said he was eating the Emirates when Parashar and others arrived. “There were many other people there, and so am I,” he said. She asked my name and asked me some questions and I answered them.

Did he tell her about his association with the BJP? He said, “My notes made it clear to her and everyone standing there that I am linked to the BJP.”

The Jaunpur episode also featured Gyan Prakash Singh’s nephew, Shiva Singh, as he paid tribute to the government.

Meerut, Varanasi, Amthi, and Ayodhya

From Kanpur to Jaunpur to Meerut, the anonymity continued doordarshan.

In Meerut, Parashar first went to a place where food is distributed under the supervision of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. When an audience member randomly raised the price of gas cylinders, she interrupted him, “And what about the free rations?”

Parashar then spoke with Dinesh Mahajan who works in the Sporting Goods Trade. I asked how you now feel different from the past, and made eloquent criticisms of government work, especially the ODOP scheme.

It is true that the Mahajan family has been in the field of sports for three generations. But it is also responsible for the RSS feed. doordarshan She did not disclose this fact.


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