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How did Mizzou use the COVID-19 pause to prepare themselves for the Alabama upset?

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I have to be honest, it’s still kind of a shocker that Konzo Martin and Miso took that win on Saturday, right? I realized that a 1 in 10 chance isn’t technically impossible, but those 9 out of 10 possibilities all felt pretty predictable. The fact that Missouri actually managed to beat – without its two top guards, no less! A testament to the combat still left in this team and the ways they can take advantage of the team that allows them to function the way they want to.

Speaking to the media about the win over the weekend, Martin revealed what he believes played a key role – refocusing on competition and adapting in practice. Believe it or not, it mostly comes due to the COVID pause that has hit the program in the past couple of weeks as players have not been able to train together most of the time.

Martin trained his players twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Team members said there was a lot more adaptive and skill work than usual. But most importantly, there was greater accountability.

“There was a lot of confrontation with each other,” Coleman said. “Just try to challenge each other in every training we do to make each other better. And then it’s more focused as well. Just try to be more accountable for our actions. If something goes wrong or something happens, you’re going to have to do something for it.”

Oh cool, awesome. So more intense practices. Well that’s good, I think! This kind of takes me back to my high school basketball days where you used to do sprints after practice based on how many mistakes/mistakes I made during drills and scrimmages. But sure, these things still happen on Mizzou’s Division I, right?

“A lot of competition, a lot of consequences if you lose,” Coleman said of the practices. “Just everyone trying so hard not to run. … a lot of accountability. Basically you were trying to train perfectly so you don’t have to run. You obviously can’t do that. So just trying to get rid of your mistakes helps you break habits And focus on your stuff during the game.”

OK! Nothing works!

Extensive practices weren’t the only thing that helped them get rid of Alabama. With Anton Brookshire and Amary Davis out due to COVID protocols, Mizzou needed some backcourt help from an unexpected source. Enter Caleb Brown, who put together Anthony Christensen’s staple fast food menu from Beat Miso.

Head coach Konzo Martin was quick to praise the new player after the game, taking part of his opening statement to call out his performance despite the unflattering stats.

Caleb Brown has been a question mark all season. Some were inviting him to see more procedures, while others weren’t sure he was ready for it. If his performance against one of the best backyards in the country was anything to lose, he definitely got more chances.

You can relive some of the best game moments in this quick BTS video from the official account.

  • Conclusion On a non-sports note: Mizzou embraces one of her most famous alumni in a big way, having her music school hall named after Sheryl Crow.
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