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How Much Money YouTuber Makes From Ads, Sponsors, Affiliate Marketing

How Much Money YouTuber Makes From Ads, Sponsors, Affiliate Marketing
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  • Charlie Chang is a YouTube content creator who shoots videos about personal finance and real estate.
  • Chang started posting financial videos on YouTube in 2020 and now has around 350,000 subscribers.
  • Talk to Insider about how much he earns on YouTube from ads, sponsors, and affiliate links.
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This is the latest version of YouTube’s Insider money records, where creators split how much they earn.

Charlie Chang treated his YouTube channel as a hobby for years, until he started making videos about personal finance last year.

In April 2020, he relaunched his YouTube channel (which only had a few thousand subscribers) and started uploading at least one video a day while working as a real estate agent. After successfully making videos on popular topics, such as stimulus checks, he moved away from real estate content to personal finance, a topic he was personally interested in.

“Fortunately, I had the right kind of content to actually rank in searches, and it really grew my channel,” Zhang told Insider.

Soon after the switch, he said his channel had been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, which lets creators make money through ads Google places on their videos. That’s when I realized YouTube could become a business.

He said his YouTube channel now has around 350,000 subscribers, and he spends about four hours a day creating content. Chang’s most popular video topics include a list of businesses that don’t require any money to start (560,000 views), his income sources (691,000 views), and top stocks to buy (771,000 views).

He recently hired a small team consisting of a video editor and a virtual assistant. Chang has edited most of the videos on his main channel, and hired a video editor to help him produce content for the two YouTube channels he’s building.

He is able to earn money every month from his YouTube channel through ads running in his videos, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and by selling a course.

But how much does Zhang earn each month?

Chang’s two main sources of income are usually money from advertisers: through the YouTube Partner Program and through brand sponsorships, Chang negotiates himself.

He split the amount his YouTube channel earned from ads placed on Google in 2021 through the Partner Program. The insider verified his profits with the documents he provided:

  • January: $34,900
  • February: $33,200
  • March: $23,300

Charlie Chang


Charlie Chang

“A lot of people don’t realize how much money they can make for every deal”

While the YouTube Partner Program was Chang’s first major source of influencer income, brand sponsorships topped those earnings in March.

Chang works with a variety of other finance companies and brands every month, and he makes money by mentioning the company’s name in the first few minutes of a YouTube video or by shooting a dedicated brand video, he said.

He split the amount he earned from sponsorship in 2021, which Insider verified with documents he provided:

  • January: $23,500
  • February: $18,000
  • March: $49,500

Chang also works with several influencer marketing agencies, which are reaching out to him with new deals, he said.

On average, Zhang said he charges roughly $10,000 to $30,000 for a month’s collaboration.

“I am still negotiating all of my deals, and I plan to do so for a long time,” Zhang said. “Offer a higher price than you might actually ask for. Don’t underestimate your services because, frankly, a lot of people don’t realize how much money they can charge for each deal and how much brands are willing to pay.”

Chang added, “If you’re using any products yourself, I think a really great strategy is to reach out and email those brands in person. A lot of times, these companies are really willing to work with the creators.”

Charlie Chang


Charlie Chang

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular sources of income for funding creators

Aside from YouTube ad revenue and brand sponsorship, affiliate marketing – where content creators earn money by increasing sales or subscribing – has become a popular source of revenue for some influencers who focus on funding, including Chang.

Funding affiliate programs typically offer a fixed price per sign-up, and these creators are paid either by receiving a free share of stock or a cash payment.

Each month, Chang promotes dozens of personal finance apps, business apps, and real estate licensing programs, he said.

From January to March, Chang took more than $60,000 in revenue from affiliates, according to documents he provided.

He also sells a course on how to become a YouTube creator and make money. He charges $600 for the course. From January to March, Chang earned more than $10,000 in sales of the course, which Insider is investigating through documents provided by Chang.

“Many people can create a more profitable business not by relying on views, affiliates or brand deals to generate income but by creating their own course, online education product, or mentoring group,” Zhang said.

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