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How to Become an Amazon Associate

How to Become an Amazon Associate
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As a content creator, you may find yourself wanting to direct your audience to products that you may find useful on Amazon. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to capitalize on this movement? Fortunately, Amazon has a solution to this need: the Amazon Associate Program. Being accepted into the program requires a bit of legal work, but as an Amazon participant, you can make money from the product recommendations you already make to your audience.

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What is the Amazon Partner Program?

The Amazon Associate Program is an Amazon affiliate program for content creators. Like other affiliate programs, you can make a commission on purchases made through custom URLs linked to your affiliate account. Any product listed on Amazon is eligible for a commission.

In addition to product links, the Associate program also offers other channels to increase revenue. These include promotional codes for specific items, site-wide banner ads, native shopping ads, and mobile pop-up ads. As a participant, you can also participate in various reward programs that generate a fixed commission when you sign up for an Amazon service, such as Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited.

This program helps Amazon generate more traffic and understand what motivates specific customers for specific products. At the same time, the Associate program helps content creators monetize their traffic and generate revenue from the content they already create.

Although they are very similar, the Amazon Associate program should not be confused with the Amazon Influencer program. The former is for content creators who post content on their websites or mobile apps, while the latter is for content creators who primarily engage audiences via social media. Amazon Associates may use social media in addition to website content to promote products, but it is not the primary channel as with Amazon Influencers.

Amazon Associate Requirements

Anyone can sign up for a free Amazon Associate account with a 180-day probationary period. When registering, you must provide detailed information about all of your sites – ie your website, mobile application, and/or social media accounts. Someone from the Associate team will review this information as well as sales data to determine whether you will be accepted into the Associate program long-term.

Amazon provides general guidance on the criteria to look for when considering a co-applicant:

  • All sites must be publicly accessible (no private social media profiles)
  • All sites must have at least 10 organic posts
  • No violent, sexually explicit, or otherwise inappropriate content
  • Website domains must be owned by the applicant
  • Website content updated in the last 60 days
  • Social media accounts have a large number of organic followers (at least 500)

Additionally, Affiliate Program applicants must demonstrate that they will be able to generate a commission by paying a minimum of 3 eligible sales during the probationary period. If an applicant does not meet the criteria or cannot generate minimum eligible sales, their application will be rejected and their access to Associate Central will be revoked. Amazon will not re-evaluate orders that have been rejected.

How to become an Amazon assistant

To become an Amazon Partner, you need an existing Amazon login and at least one website or mobile app. Then follow the steps below to submit your application.

Alternative affiliate programs

If Amazon does not accept your application to become a partner, all hope is not lost. There are countless affiliate programs that may be more suitable for your type of business and revenue goals.

Many software and hardware vendors offer affiliate or referral programs, so start by looking at the tools you use to run your business. If there is anyone out there who is particularly fond of them, you may be a natural fit for one of their affiliate programs. You may be narrower in scope than the Amazon Associates program, but this may also mean that you are more likely to generate conversions.

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