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How to buy crypto on iPhone the easy way

How to buy crypto on iPhone the easy way
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Learning how to buy cryptocurrency is not easy but has already made its way to the United States and has definitely become a viable option to get into the cryptocurrency game on iPhone. As the bright red letters adorning LeBron’s home are pulled and carried away in the annals of sports history, a new title is being prepared to launch a new mantle over the former Staples Center. Tinsel Town will soon get a new batch of flashing lights across the beloved Colosseum with an official reveal of sorts before a tip-off tonight when LeBron Lakers face Kevin Durant (and not so much Kyrie Irving) the Brooklyn Nets. After nearly $700 million – a bag far larger than America’s favorite office supply store that should have been dumped 10 years ago – cryptocurrency giant will take its new place firmly across the horizon in Laker country. And its Crypto iOS app will be the mobile platform that helps push it deeper into Americans’ pockets.

Cryptocurrency acquisition

Having already taken a stake in sports stadiums around the world, what is fast becoming the biggest new player in the crypto game will start spraying three out of the parking lot at 1111 south of Figueroa Street when Staples was ousted by in its biggest naming rights deal. in history – I see, but I honestly can’t believe they keep “.com” here.

The Lakers’ last home, built at a cost of $375 million or $583 million in today’s economic environment, opened in 1999 and only one glowing red name has popped up — until now (or, officially, by June 2022 when the full switchover was complete ).

Hate it or love it, spent $200 million more to plaster its name across the Lakers Arena than it cost to build this thing, nearly daring and skeptical skeptical about the validity of the crypto future it’s pushing with the Crypto iOS app (Use this link to get a $25 bonus when you download the app), NFT powered universes, and more!

If you’re like me, hoping this confusing and controversial crypto game will fade away as if it never happened, you can continue to dream on your own. People have already been making enough cash to get their expensive shoes on the same floor as LeBron, AD, and the late Mr. Bryant—next to Jack—to get floor seats for season tickets with crypto-based money for years now. But there’s just something about the fall of the glowing red Staples sign that just made me, and probably should, make you think twice before taking cryptocurrency seriously.

Observing the Crypto iOS app over the past few weeks even a pastoral look shows how much real money we could have all made in the time it took you to drop thousands on M1 laptops and needlessly replace your Apple device on Black Friday boom.

Just between the time the Crypto app was launched and news of the historic naming rights deal hitting the airwaves, an investment of $20,000 – most people certainly don’t have to put what they hoped to be a fad – into’s CRO would bring you an impressive profit of 60 thousand dollars.

The $700 million deal titles and the subsequent rise of its CRO token paid off the entire deal overnight. This is largely due to it having a large number of its own coins, but we could have been (on a much smaller scale of course) with nothing more than an iOS app and the knowledge to put our hard-earned money to work. learning How to buy cryptocurrency has become a lot easier for me at least.

Cryptocurrency on iOS correctly

Curiosity certainly killed the cat, but in this case it might turn it into a lion with a few hand gestures inside of what is essentially a free iOS app that you can have as a banner on the home screen of your new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Little by little, or a huge home investment mortgage back – players’ choice – it might be worth taking a more serious look at Crypto’s very simple app, its iOS, and cryptocurrency in general if you don’t already.

The super easy to use app has been my golden ticket here.

How to buy cryptocurrency with iPhone

There are no very complex crypto wallets to manage compared to some of the other wallets I tested for a while. Simple one-click purchase with a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer, the iOS app has been the easiest way to understand the entry point for me so far, essentially making up what could be a bunch of weird and more than just banking jargon that I use it is an overall easy to digest experience.

The Fiat Wallet that is included here, to support the direct bank transfers mentioned above, is a particularly economical and understandable option as well. This allows direct bank deposits which can then be transferred to the iOS app system with absolutely no fees.

Speaking of which, no crypto gas surcharges — additional purchase fees over tons of the normal price of a crypto platform for doing business just for writing your transactions to the blockchain — are included here, just the 3.5% flat fee that is waived for your first 30 days .


In the bottom tab bar inside the Crypto iPhone app, you can click the middle logo icon to find “Tasks” – a kind of fun little rewards area dedicated to the iOS platform. You can earn “Diamonds” that can be used to buy Mystery Chests which can be filled with anything from as little as CRO up to $1,500. There’s nothing to be taken too seriously here, but you can earn 1 diamond per day just by opening the Quests page and clicking on the Check Status option along with a host of other reward options – buy or sell $20 worth of cryptocurrency at One transaction to get 20 diamonds, etc.

Check out more at or use this link to get it $25 reward when downloading the app.

Have you tried the iOS app? Do you have any other people you like? Or I’m still not sold in the crypto game in general?

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