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How to Do It the Right Way

How to Do It the Right Way
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Building affiliate links is like delegated sales for the 21st century.

The concept is simple: with an affiliate program, brands and companies choose key influencers to promote a service or product using a unique affiliate link.

Building affiliate links provides businesses with an opportunity to earn additional sales through user-generated content. Revenue is shared with influencers based on the number of links clicked or purchases made.

3 Benefits of Building Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to gain exposure, increase traffic, increase conversions, and increase sales.

Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why your business uses affiliate link building strategies.

1. Easy to track

Affiliate marketing tracking software monitors the affiliate program and tracks links. When your company joins an affiliate network, the network software tracks the numbers for you.

Being able to track the effectiveness of each campaign or influencer is an essential part of an effective affiliate marketing strategy.

Some affiliate marketing programs provide detailed reports based on the different marketing tools used, such as text links or banners.

2. Targeted ads

If your business runs an internal affiliate program, you are free to accept influencers to join your program based on their reach and importance.

When your business is partnering with an influencer through an affiliate network, there are steps in place to ensure that the influencer reaches your target audience through their content.

When an influencer creates new content using their affiliate link, their campaign (your ad) has the ability to reach your target audience in large numbers through channels such as social media and the influencer’s website.

3. Cost effectiveness

Building affiliate links can increase conversions and increase sales with minimal effort and investment.

When setting your business marketing budget, consider these four affiliate marketing costs:

a program

Will you be running an in-house program or will you join an affiliate network?

Run an internal program It may be more expensive and take longer at first, but it is less expensive in the long run.

Your business gives complete control over every aspect of the affiliate program and enables you to communicate directly with your influencers.

Join an affiliate network Much cheaper at first, but may not be cost-effective in the long run, because the network itself takes a fee.

This means that a lot of the initial work is done for you, including choosing influencers, tracking, reporting, and even issuing payments.

Building Affiliate Links: How To Do It The Right Waycreators

Whether you choose to run an in-house program or join a network, your affiliate program will require creatives.

Any graphics, images of banners, copy of text links, videos, Flash content, and any other tools that Influencers may use to promote your service or product.

Building Affiliate Links: How To Do It The Right WayProduct feed or landing pages

If you run an in-house program, provide a detailed product brief to influencers, including product names and descriptions, prices, categories, and designs associated with the product.

The product feed serves as a resource for influencers as they prepare for a new campaign.

If your business sells a service or has a limited number of products, another option is to set up a unique landing page for each influencer.

Building Affiliate Links: How To Do It The Right WayProgram management and compensation

Your business will need to hire an Affiliate Marketing Manager to:

  • Recruit and include influencers.
  • Create and monitor rules and policies.
  • Communicate with affiliate marketers (or with the network).
  • Update and improve the affiliate program regularly.
  • and more.

And you’ll need to compensate your influencers!

Revenue is shared with influencers based on the number of links clicked or purchases made, at the rate you choose.

Keep in mind that if the commission rate is too low, many influencers may choose not to participate.

How to Start Building Affiliate Links (Rightly)

Keep in mind that like any other marketing tactic, there is a right way – and a wrong way – to start affiliate marketing.

Now that you understand Why Your business should use affiliate link building strategies, let’s take a look at them how To implement affiliate link building strategies.

1. Have a plan

Your first step is to be organized.

Implementing any new marketing strategy without a business plan is a recipe for disaster, and it’s no different than an affiliate marketing strategy.

Plan your budget, decide which platform to use, decide how influencers will be selected, and set your commission rates.

Create a timeline and content calendar, design your designs, and see your competition. The time you spend planning your strategy is invaluable and will set you up for success.

2. Constantly Communicate

Your Affiliate Marketing Manager should be an expert in communication.

They need:

  • Be prepared to connect with influencers in person.
  • Always keep your influencers informed of new products or campaigns.
  • Submit current version and designs.

Many companies use private forums or Facebook groups to connect with influencers.

3. Building relationships

Affiliate Marketing Manager should be on hand to assist influencers and provide support when needed.

Asking your affiliates questions and sending out surveys to ask for feedback will let them know that your work can be trusted, that you are listening, and that you want to work. with With them.

When you get started with affiliate marketing, your influencers partner with you. Their voice is your balance.

4. Be open to change

Monitoring and checking numbers and metrics is critical to the success of an affiliate program.

You need to be able to understand what works and what doesn’t, and you have to make decisions based on new information about KPIs and ROI.

Follow each campaign with an insightful eye. Do some A/B testing with different campaigns and different influencers.

Using affiliate marketing does not mean that businesses have to sit back and watch as their numbers grow. Get involved and be open to making changes to your strategy.

It’s time to build your affiliate marketing strategy

Building affiliate links is a growing and ever-evolving marketing channel that more brands and companies are incorporating into their overall marketing strategies.

There is a great deal of freedom in affiliate marketing: You decide which strategies to implement—and which influencers you want to work with—for your content and your offering.

Building affiliate links for marketing is about performance, focusing on content that will naturally reach your target audience, benefiting both your business and your affiliates.


time frame: Eighth month, then continuous monthly

Detected results: 4 to 12 months

Average links per month: 30


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