How To Earn Affiliate Commissions From Real Estate


Real estate and affiliate marketing are at the top five ways to earn passive income online. I wanted to share with you how you can get started with affiliate marketing on the side of a real estate business. There are so many affiliate marketing opportunities available that it’s easy to get distracted and end up just promoting what everyone is selling.

The first real estate affiliate marketing real estate opportunity I’m going to discuss is advertising. There are hundreds of companies who need someone to market their properties for them. When you place a single link to a property you have agreed to promote, you get a commission. The commission rate depends on the price of the property and the number of links you have placed.

Real estate affiliate marketing is great because the commission rates are usually quite high. There is also a wide range of properties to choose from. You can select properties based on location, area, neighborhood, or even a specific city or neighborhood. In addition to the real estate properties, you can also find affiliate marketing real estate programs that focus on rehab homes, foreclosure homes, foreclosures, bank owned properties, mobile homes, manufactured homes, rental properties and commercial properties. Some of the properties that you might be able to sell through your affiliate marketing real estate partnership include condos, townhomes, coops, lots, homes and land. You may want to look into these options as they will be a lot less expensive to advertise.

Another way to promote real estate properties is to become a member of some of the popular and large networks. One of the larger ones is REO Advance. Members of this network are able to sell properties through their own listings and have access to thousands of listings in over 90 countries around the world. This gives you an opportunity to market a property in an unlimited number of markets.

Another option for affiliate marketing with real estate is to become a full-time member of one or more networking companies. These companies generally allow for members to be compensated by way of a commission on each sale they make. Usually, a commission rate is set at two to ten percent. In order to qualify for joining any one of these companies, you will need to do some research and complete a comprehensive application. You will also need to have some sort of existing realtor’s business license.

The most popular choice amongst affiliate marketing real estate agents is to sign up with multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses. This is the type of business where you are signing up individually to sell the products of a company. This company will then teach you how to market their products and services. While you can learn a lot by participating in this type of affiliate marketing businesses, there is a downside to this type of product. You have to recruit your own team in order to succeed. This can prove to be a very difficult task as not all people are cut out to be successful at this type of business.

A third option for those looking to earn affiliate marketing real estate affiliate income is to sign up for a membership site. These sites are usually free to join and will contain informational articles and resources about home ownership in the real world. Once a person signs up, he/she will receive a username and password and can then browse the available real estate for sale. The only downside to these types of membership sites is that there are typically only a handful of properties listed for sale per day. This can work to your advantage, however, if you wish to promote dozens of properties you may need to spend a lot of time and money promoting each property.

The last way to make affiliate marketing real estate affiliate commissions is to purchase resale rights to properties through online sources such as EBay. Although this method can work, you have to be very careful of the scams involved in this business. Since many sellers on EBay have no desire to sell their property for the price they are listed, it can be hard to market your link to these sellers. However, some unscrupulous sellers have been known to sell property for far below their true market value in an attempt to earn affiliate commissions from real estate buyers.