How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Instagram


While affiliate marketing on Instagram is nothing new technically, it’s quite new to the online world of social media. In a way, the pairing makes for a match made in hell: people are far more likely to respond to professionally-crafted content than other online social media users. But what kind of content should you create and how do you go about marketing it? In this article, I’m going to share with you some tricks and guidelines that will help you get your affiliate marketing on Instagram up and running.

The first thing you need to do when setting up your affiliate marketing campaign on Instagram is to become a member of the popular micro-blogging site. Doing so instantly grants you access to over fifteen thousand followers and an endless array of opportunities for interaction. Once you’re a member, you can easily search for different types of products or services that you promote. As an affiliate marketer, you can also post your own offers, which can help draw in followers to your page. If you have 15,000 followers already, that means you’ll have a lot of visibility among the bigger picture on the site.

The next step to take when setting up your affiliate marketing on Instagram is to look into the small business opportunities available to businesses that have an account with the site. If you own a brand, you can use Instagram to increase engagement among younger audiences and tap into their disposable income. Brands such as Burberry have used Instagram to gain a foothold in the marketplace, tapping into its core audience of younger consumers. There are also companies like Vogue that have used the site to promote their clothing lines. These brands have both expanded their customer base through social engagement and achieved success at turning those customers into buying customers.

Businesses without an Instagram account have one more opportunity to get started with affiliate marketing on Instagram. If you don’t have a brand or if you aren’t promoting a brand yet, you can still make a name for yourself using this platform. Just because you don’t have a product doesn’t mean you can’t have your own presence within the app! Businesses like Vogue have done this in order to expand their customer base.

For companies that don’t have Instagram accounts, or are new to the platform, getting started is even easier. There are two types of people who will be interested in what you have to offer. There are big picture players who will be interested in your product or service but may not be ready to commit to buying right now. In these cases, you will want to work with influencers. Influencers are individuals who have an influence over a small audience who can be converted into customers through affiliate marketing programs.

Smaller groups tend to be more receptive to products and services that are being promoted by a celebrity. They are easy to relate to as they typically frequent the same places as these individuals. Two places to find great influencers are celebrities themselves and larger online forums where consumers go to discuss their interests. One popular venue is the “awin” marketplace where online entrepreneurs sell products and services of all kinds to hungry bloggers. Amazon associates can also promote products and services that Amazon is already offering through their blogging network. The marketplace is chock full of opportunities for bloggers interested in making money on Instagram.

Since micro-influencers tend to attract attention from a smaller group of followers, the process of getting them to buy your affiliate products and sign up to your website can be a challenge. If you are working with large organizations, you may be able to leverage your brand power through your Instagram account to attract the right type of followers to your website. If you don’t have a large following, you may have to do a little bit of footwork to get the ball rolling. There are many other strategies to work with influencers to generate interest in your products and the products and services you are promoting.

Twitter and Facebook are great ways for brands to interact with fans and potential customers. They allow users to easily post short messages that reach a wide audience instantly. However, some brands have found Twitter to be an ineffective platform for reaching out to influencers because of the limited number of followers. If you want to target small-to-medium sized audiences on Instagram, you will likely want to promote your brands in different ways. For instance, brands with strong social media presence should use Instagram to host a giveaway event or use sponsored content to increase their engagement on this platform. In addition to reaching your current audience on Instagram, brands should consider expanding their reach on other platforms to increase exposure.