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Instagram Expands Access to Links in Stories to All Users, Influencers

Instagram Expands Access to Links in Stories to All Users, Influencers
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  • Instagram is expanding access to links in Stories to all users globally.
  • Links in Instagram Stories has been a hotspot for affiliate links and sponsored content.
  • This new update can boost the business of “nano” influencers.

Accessing the “swipe up” feature on Instagram Stories has, for many influencers, been a rite of passage.

But the ability to add a link in a story post is no longer exclusive to users with more than 10,000 followers or verified accounts. Instagram today announced that it will expand worldwide access to adding ‘link stickers’ to all users.

The decision has been in the works for a long time, and Instagram said user comments requesting wider access affected the social media platform’s move.

It’s also important to note – especially for content creators – that the coveted “swipe up” has been cancelled. Now, users have the option to add a sticker to their story that directs people to “click” the link instead, although the functionality is similar.

Access to link sharing can be a huge boost to some “micro” and “nano” influencers.

“When I had access to be able to include a swipe up link in my stories, it was a huge game-changer for affiliates,” Quigley Goode, the influencer with 336,000 followers, told Insider last month.

Here are some of the ways this new update could impact influencers’ businesses:

  • Nano influencers can now make money from affiliate links on Stories. For many influencers, hitting the 10,000 followers threshold means more than just breaking a new record. It often meant more income. Stories have become a profitable platform for influencers to generate money by adding affiliate links to their content. With these trackable links, influencers can earn a commission on the sales they drive.
  • There may be more options for brand deals and sponsorship packages for nano influencers. Accessing links in Stories may open up more opportunities for nano-influencers working with brands. The ability to include a link is an added bonus for brands, and makes content creators even more valuable in driving sales and traffic to e-commerce sites. Some sponsorship offers for these young creators can incorporate affiliate links into Stories as part of their content package.
  • Influencers can promote their courses, digital products, events, and blogs. As the world turns more online during the pandemic, influencers are finding new ways to connect with their audiences (and make money). One way to do it: online courses. Now, with the option to include link stickers, content creators can market any of their digital services to an audience directly in their stories, rather than a link in their bios.

The company said Instagram will also look at ways to customize and add more context to linking stickers.

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