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Instagram influencers test out new in-app affiliate shops

Instagram influencers test out new in-app affiliate shops
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For fashion and beauty influencer Blair Eddy, affiliate links have been a huge part of her business for over a decade. She was one of the first influencers to use RewardStyle in 2011 and was recently based on ShopStyle.

Shopping links shared on Instagram and other platforms by influencers like Eadie have long meant big profits for third-party networks. Now, more than a decade later, Instagram has finally decided to make a cut.

Eddie (Tweet embed1.7 million followers) is among several influencers selected by Instagram to test the new in-app beta partner program starting this holiday season. First announce In June 2021, the feature will allow influencers to create a curated store on their profile using the participating brands’ product lists. When users click on products and check Instagram, influencers get commission. More than 100 brands and retailers are currently participating, including Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury, BareMinerals, Zara, Laura Mercier, and Revolve, according to an Instagram spokesperson.

“Affiliates have been in the influencer space for the past decade, so it only makes sense that Instagram would try to create its own program to keep influencers converting on the platform,” Eddy said.

Other influencers chosen for the Instagram try include Jan Wang (Tweet embed, 684,000 followers(Blake Gifford)Tweet embed, 162,000 followers) and Wendy Nguyen (Tweet embed1.3 million followers). For the pilot, each of them put together holiday collections showcasing fashion and beauty products.

The new affiliate program has more influencers interested in participating.

“I’ve had a lot of inquiries, saying, ‘Hey, this is so cool. How do I create a group?’ There was definitely a lot of buzz within the influencer community,” said Eddy.

In general, affiliate commissions for influencers range from 6-20%, according to an industry source, with 9-12% being the most popular.

The Affiliate Shopping feature is Instagram’s latest ongoing development in social shopping, which in 2021 included the introduction of the Drops feature and the expansion of Shopping live broadcast.

“Social commerce can be incredibly effective because it seamlessly blends social experiences and e-commerce transactions through a single purchase path, all enabled through a single platform,” said Audrey Depreter Montasil, global beauty leader at professional services firm Accenture.

The social commerce industry is expected to expand three times faster than traditional e-commerce, reaching $1.2 trillion by 2025, according to Accenture. a Accenture’s 2021 survey found that 52% of millennials said they were more likely to be inspired by other users or influencers when shopping through social commerce than when shopping through e-commerce, followed by 48% of Generation Z respondents.

Instagram can be especially useful for making shopping easier.

“My first post [using the affiliate feature] He was marking a number of different pieces that would come out. Focus mostly on Zara as a retailer. Said Eddy, whose most popular product is the shiny Zara shirt. Other items she has appeared on include Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, holiday party and cold weather collections of fashion items from Zara and The Yes and Revolve. I’ve noticed that sales happen more quickly on Instagram compared to when she shares affiliate links on her website.

For her part, Blake Gifford started by creating a beauty gift guide. Her store features brands that include Laura Mercier and BareMinerals, as well as multiple listings from Sephora including items from Urban Decay, Too Faced, Drunk Elephant, and Fenty Skin.

Influencers see great potential for this feature.

“At the end of the day, Instagram has a lot of eyeballs, and they have a lot of potential consumers,” Eddy said. “They are really trying to build a permanent platform that takes into account the future as well as how people will use it [the platform] on the part of the influencer.

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