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Instagram Is Testing Affiliate Shops for Influencers: Details

Instagram Is Testing Affiliate Shops for Influencers: Details
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  • Instagram says it wants to make it easier to shop on the app with affiliate marketing.
  • Some influencers can create feeds that can be shopped on their account and earn a commission.
  • The platform began testing the “View Store” button this month. Here’s how it works.

The Instagram Affiliate Marketing Test expands with a new feature: a shopable landing page for influencers.

The “View Shop” button will appear on select creator pages while Instagram is rolling out this test to already listed influencers using Instagram affiliate tools that started testing in the summer.

“It’s all about making it easier for people to shop,” Kristina Koa, director of product marketing for Instagram’s business products, told Insider.

Nicole Mehta, a fashion and lifestyle influencer with 105,000 followers on Instagram, said she can be inundated with questions about the products she’s wearing or using in a post.

That’s why many influencers use affiliate links. Influencers often share these links on Instagram as a way to make money by making a commission on any sales they lead.

Before Instagram tested its native partner program, influencers relied on platforms like LTK or ShopStyle Collective for these links — as well as unique, shoppable feeds, like the LTK app. Some content creators link to these third-party shoppable feeds directly in their Instagram bios.

But the latest Instagram test offers a basic option for the platform.

Mehta told Insider “Now I can also point them to my store and say, ‘Hey, this is what I saved for you guys, and it’s all in one place. They don’t have to click a lot; they can just scroll to the item that caught their eye and check it out directly.” “

Mehta got access to Instagram’s broader partnership test in June and saw that she could add a “View Shop” feature to her page last week, she said.

Instagram Affiliate Store Test


Creators who have access to the tool will be able to create “clusters” of products that are eligible for a commission.

For example, Mehta posted a collection of a recent Revolve shopping cart that she shared. Normally, she would save links to products from a large collection in Story Highlight on her account, she said.

Users can also sort by shop and influencer groups by searching for specific products, or filtering by price or sale items.

Currently, influencers who already have a store linked to their Page (like a DTC brand they own, or a line of merchandise) also have a View Store button on their account. Instagram said there is no way to list your own store and affiliate store. The platform is exploring a way to allow content creators to do both.

Instagram is also still slowly expanding its affiliate tests to include more US-based creators.

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