Iowa Cubs Owner Writes Checks to Employees After Selling Team

Iowa Cubs Owner Writes Checks to Employees After Selling Team
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Michael Gartner, who bought the Iowa Cubs in 1999, made an unusual gesture during his final days at the ball club.

In the wake of the team’s sale to Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, Gartner wrote a check to all of his current and former employees. The employees earned $2,000 for each year they worked at the ball club. The longest-serving employee gets a check for $70,000.

In total, Gartner has donated $600,000 to 23 full-time workers.

Gartner made his name in the media industry. The Des Moines, Iowa native was an editor for many newspapers, most notably The Wall Street Journal. He then served as president of NBC News from 1988-1993 and won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize.

After purchasing the Iowa Cubs in 1999, Gartner quickly became popular with fans and employees alike. Help modernize Principal Park, home of the Iowa Cubs, adding LEDs around the field and bleachers in the correct field.

Iowa Cubs were created in 1969, when they were then known as Iowa Oaks. The Oaks were minor teams for three different MLB teams, including the Chicago White Sox from 1973-1974 and 1976-1980.

The Oaks became a subsidiary of Chicago Cubs in 1981, they changed their name to Iowa Cubs in 1982. Since then, Cubs have won seven PCL League titles and the 1993 Double-A Championship.

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