Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates announce record-breaking 2021

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates announce record-breaking 2021
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Louisville, Kentucky (Fox 56) — Kentucky Organ Donor Subsidiaries (KODA) had a record year in 2021.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the state, donor numbers have seen a 75% growth compared to 2017. In 2021, there were 189 organ donors and 484 tissue donors. These donations led to 536 organ transplants and saved more than 500 lives.

Despite the global pandemic, the generosity is still there. Proof of this is the willingness of donor families who said “yes” to donate, during some of their worst moments,” said Julie Bergin, KODA President and CEO. “There has also been a continuous increase in the number of registered donors who will help save and heal more lives in the future. “

KODA has partnerships with 112 hospitals and transplant centers in the area, helping to set records for 2021. They also praised key partnerships with Ky Circuit Court Clerks, Kentucky Transportation Treasury, Kentucky Lions Eye Bank (KLEB), and Coroners for their successes.

KLEB reported that corneal donors gave 653 individuals the ability to see again in 2021. According to Trust For Life of Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks, more than 94,000 joined the organ donor registry.

Unfortunately, with thousands waiting for transplant rolls, 20 people die every day.

“There is a kind of person trying to do the right thing every day no matter what – we call these people heroes. The champions of our success in 2021 are our employees and partners. Without these loyal and sympathetic heroes alongside our amazingly generous benefactor families, we wouldn’t be Donation and transplantation happen simply,” Bergin said.

Those interested in becoming a donor can register online at to bring hope to those waiting. For more information on organ, tissue and corneal donation, please visit

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