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Latest Qnut theory: Bob Saget’s death was caused by the Covid vaccine

Latest Qnut theory: Bob Saget's death was caused by the Covid vaccine
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And now we have started. Three days after the death of Bob Saget, far-right conspiracy spinner Candice Owens blames his death on the Covid vaccine.

“So, am I a conspiracy theorist or Nostradamus?” It started in a clip from the conservative DailyWire show, Candice (See the video below).

“The answer is both,” she points out, letting her audience know that it’s actually just a straightforward logical game. “I’m just not on Big Pharma’s payroll and I refuse to roam about their lies,” she says.

“There are a lot of healthy individuals, like Bob Saget, who we know have had their vaccinations, who die suddenly and unexpectedly without further explanation,” she continues, ignoring the suggestion that the final results of his autopsy could take the next three months.

“Healthy athletes, young students in their prime – the majority of whom are male – die suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of matches from heart problems. What we really know is that these people have been assigned the vaccine.”

She says people falling like flies from a vaccine is an “alarming trend”, but the media, who don’t want this secret out, are “working to shine a light on the public.” (She may also target journalists while she is there.)

Finally, Owens, who recently admitted that she hasn’t been vaccinated and would rather die on her deathbed than get vaccinated, told her Daily Wire audience in a big way that she’s here to “ask for answers.”

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