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LEGO Indiana Jones theme reportedly relaunching in October

LEGO Indiana Jones
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After being discontinued more than a decade ago, the first reports are starting to emerge that the LEGO Group will finally bring back its Indiana Jones theme. With the release of four new mysterious LEGO sets codenamed in October Coconut, you can head below for all the details on what to expect.

LEGO Indiana Jones is scheduled to be re-launched later this year

First noticed by StoneWars, an online store has now published a listing featuring a four-pack under the Coconut theme. With a launch date in October, these sets are a long way from appearing on store shelves, and the name likely refers to the codename of the upcoming theme. In the past, we’ve seen icons like “Zebra” used in the Art lineup, as well as “Leaf” for Super Mario.

All of this brings us back to the LEGO Indiana Jones theme. 9to5Toys He’s been hearing the cries of restarting for some time, and this finally sounds like the first clue that the company is getting started. We originally didn’t expect to release sets until the new franchise premiere in 2023, which means a lot is still up in the air about what the lineup will carry.

What can we expect to see from LEGO Indiana Jones

As for what we actually expect to see from the LEGO Indiana Jones lineup, it looks like we can expect a two-wave approach. By the end of this year in October, we’ll likely see a relaunch of the theme with sets based on the original movies. So the lovers Raiders of the Lost AstronomyAnd Temple of Death, And The Last Crusade You must have something to look forward to.

There will be four creations to begin with with specific numbers from 75571 to 75574. I think this is the same concept as last year’s LEGO Infinity Saga sets that recreated many of the Marvel movies in brick form. Then in 2023, we’ll see the release of another wave of LEGO sets to coincide with the new Indiana Jones movie.

Indy in the modern LEGO era

Since the Indiana Jones theme ended in 2009, a lot has changed in the LEGO world. Building techniques are becoming more complex, and miniature printing is more accurate to source materials. But one of the biggest changes we’ll likely see with any new collections of the franchise is its theme.

In the past decade, the LEGO Group has virtually doubled down on avoiding any designs depicting historical warfare. While things like fantasy battles in Star Wars are perfectly fine, anything based on a real-world conflict is off the table. The company badly canceled the Technic Osprey in 2020, and has largely avoided anything like that as of late. Here’s a full statement released by the LEGO Group in 2010, one year after the Indiana Jones theme was discontinued.

The primary goal is to avoid realistic weapons and military equipment that children from hot spots around the world might identify and to refrain from displaying violent or frightening situations when coming into contact with LEGO products. At the same time, the purpose is not to associate the LEGO brand with issues that glorify conflict and unethical or harmful behavior.

All of this means we’ll see some changes to the actual sets being launched in the LEGO Indiana Jones lineup. Expect the creations to be more in tune with the treasure-stealing aspect of adventurer’s journeys rather than thwarting Nazi schemes. The original set of sets from the franchise got a fair share of both, but I can’t see LEGO Group sets recreating sets like Raiders of the Lost Astronomy launcher plane.

9to5 Game Take:

While this is all based only on an early roster, it’s safe to say that the LEGO Group definitely has something interesting planned for 2022. Whether it ends up being the long-awaited return of Indiana Jones or another brand-new LEGO theme, there’s plenty to be excited about for the rest general.

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