LOTTE Data Communication, ICT Affiliate of Top South Korean Company LOTTE, Unveils Ultra-Reality Metaverse Life Platform for the First Time

LOTTE Data Communication, ICT Affiliate of Top South Korean Company LOTTE, Unveils Ultra-Reality Metaverse Life Platform for the First Time
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The metaverse services currently available on the market do not allow consumers for Buy real products, or experience virtual concerts as if they were real, so they are less likely to attract customers.

Next, the company set the goal of implementing a HMD-based, highly immersive, and hyper-realistic Metaverse platform that integrates the virtual and the real world and brings economic activities on its head based on hyperrealistic content.

The six core technologies hidden in the platform include 1) world-class live-action shooting technology, 2) virtual reality editing technology that seamlessly combines actual shots and graphics, 3) 3D real-time rendering technology according to changes in gaze and visual angle, 4) Deep interactive patent allows users to interact with objects in VR images, 5) compression technology that achieves ultra-clear image quality with the smallest file size, and 6) a quality enhancement viewer that can optimally apply digital objects.

In the company’s metaverse, Users can realizeheir dream home that they Want to live in virtual reality? All visible objects are accurately reproduced as if they were real, so Users can I feel as if they are Living in that house.

Household items such as home appliances and furniture in the living room are connected to other spaces such as home appliance stores to experience a variety of lifestyles.

if Users click on household appliances, that they It will be taken to a home appliance store, which cannot be implemented in real life. It is not only possible to see the product, but users Can have the unique experience of being the real person shop them Product advisor. A new era of convenient shopping where users Home appliances can be compared and tried They want It dawned without going to the store.

if users Click on the clothes hanging on the hangers, they will You are directed to the fitting room of a store where the digital human can try the product they have specified. Because a digital human can be either the user Or anyone else, it’s possible to engage in the same form of shopping as in the real world with a HMD just by connecting distant friends and parents.

virtual cinema gives users experience as if that they In a real theater, the concert hall reproduced the largest audience capacity of 65,000 people with digital humans users vital as if that they They were watching an artist’s performance with other people right in front of him they eyes.

as People We have seen that the future of the metaverse presented by the company looks more promising because it can be expanded indefinitely in a variety of areas in the future. Based on this technology, the company plans to further expand its fields of application in the future.

Jun Hyung Roo, CEO of LOTTE Data Communication, said, “This year’s CES will be a valuable starting point for LOTTE’s journey to become a global IT company that transcends South Koreaand “the company will continue to advance as an innovative platform company that never stops facing new challenges and changes.”

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