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Mayor is shocked — shocked, I tell you — to learn his truck had over 440 pounds of cocaine in it

Mayor is shocked — shocked, I tell you — to learn his truck had over 440 pounds of cocaine in it
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How did that get there? A mayor in northern Niger scratched his head in confusion when authorities searched his official truck and found $9 million worth of cocaine and cannabis in it.

Niger ranks high in the organized crime index of drug trafficking and organized crime.

A number of violent extremist organizations operate as quasi-mafia groups in Niger. Tramadol is sold by mafia networks made up mainly of Malian citizens. Government officials at all levels are suspected of being involved in drug, human and gold smuggling, and there have been a number of corruption and alleged embezzlement scandals in Niger in recent years.

The US doesn’t look great on the OC either, to be honest:

Drug smuggling groups, especially networks and gangs, dominate the interest of US investigators and prosecutors. There are thousands of active gangs across the country, whose activities focus on drugs, weapons and human trafficking. Most of them use violence and work alongside foreign drug smuggling networks. Despite the decline in activity, mafia-style groups continue to operate in the United States, including five major family groups descended from the Cosa Nostra Sicilian mafia, all of which exercise significant control in New York, southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Collectively, Cosa Nostra has thousands of members and partners based in the United States implicated in illegal markets, including heroin trafficking, money laundering, and health care fraud targeting the health care program. These groups have significant access to weapons and carry arms openly. Outlaw motorcycle gangs, of which there are several hundreds operating across the country, are a group similar to the primitive mafia in the United States. Gangs are of a transnational nature and are mostly involved in the drug smuggling market, particularly cross-border trafficking.

Government corruption may also increase, although investigations and prosecutions have declined. Some in former President Donald Trump’s inner circle were convicted on federal charges of money laundering and other illegal activities, and Trump himself was accused of engaging with mafia-style groups prior to taking office.

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