MBS Will Be Doing Briefings For Tool Updates And Affiliate Program

MBS Will Be Doing Briefings For Tool Updates And Affiliate Program
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Over the past several months, ManageByStats has been hard at work preparing the next evolution of its tools for Amazon sellers, as well as strengthening the Premium Partner Program to facilitate interaction, interest, and close prospects. MBS provides tools and services to Amazon sellers designed to give them the insight they need to manage and expand their Amazon business. Their referral program offers 25% commission to affiliate marketers as long as their prospects are active. MBS will soon roll out updates to their tools and give briefings to cover those updates, as well as details of their affiliate program.

“If you have a few minutes, we’d like to share with you both,” says Philip Jepsen, CEO of Mohammed bin Salman. “Specifically in terms of what it takes to succeed with our referral program. It turns out to be very easy – and can also be very profitable, depending on your audience. Even a few people who sign up can make you a few hundred extra dollars a month.”

Managers, agencies, coaches, or anyone looking to assist Amazon sellers with a full suite of management software can become an MBS affiliate. MBS has an industry leading affiliate program, which is open to anyone wishing to promote the MBS suite of Amazon sellers. ManageByStats tools allow users to oversee earnings, visualize trends, generate reports, perform in-depth analytics, track inventory and more.

“If you want to know what’s coming up, and want to know how to ramp up your existing affiliate game, activate a stalled game, or just get started, we’re ready to show you how,” Mister Jepsen says.

For more information about MBS tool and affiliate program updates, please visit the ManageByStats website or contact the company directly for a brief appointment. If interested parties have further questions, ManageByStats can be contacted directly via email.


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