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Mizzou Football commits shine in the Under Armour All American game

Mizzou Football commits shine in the Under Armour All American game
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We talk a lot about how bright the future is with Mizzou Football, especially because of the way Eli Drinkwitz has recruited since his arrival.

Much of that success is still there in the future — plays that all of Drink’s recruits will be performing in 2022, 2023 and hopefully beyond. But those who were paying attention were treated to a look at the product Drinkwitz will be putting into the field in the upcoming seasons.

The Under Armor All American game took place on Sunday afternoon, with three Mizzou playing: WR Luther Burden, OL DeShawn Woods and DT Marquis Gracial. Apparently, when Burden and Gracial arrived from Missouri, a group of Tiger fans were waiting to celebrate.

This is an incredibly cool look for Mizzou, and I hope these two (Woods) enjoyed the whole experience. It sure looked like that. After all, it didn’t take Luther Bearden long to settle down.

Graciel contributed almost nothing to this drama, but he did well. He pulled that impressive sack about halfway through the match.

It was great to get a glimpse into the future at work, especially considering that the competition was the best among the top football talents in high school.

  • First things first, I’d like to take a moment to get to know Kayla Kissinger, the sixth-year Mizzou Softball student, who officially closed the cleats on Sunday.

In an emotional video posted on her Instagram page, Kessinger announced that she will not play in the 2022 season due to mental health concerns that need to be addressed.

It’s an incredibly weak and poignant statement. Kudos to her for having the courage to say something, and for her thoughtful comments on talking about mental health and its treatment.

It would be a huge loss for Mizu. Kessinger was the second All American team in 2020 and achieved .327 with 14 times in 2021. She had previously announced that she will use her year of COVID-19 qualification in 2022.

We hope you find peace and happiness in your post-softball life.

  • If you want to relive the Mizzou Hoops’ magical victory over South Carolina #1 again, you have to see this breakdown of how the Tigers attack Gamecocks’ shot-blockers.

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